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Q: When zener diode is opeated in in breakdown region it will not be damaged .why?
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What are the types of breakdown region in diode?

zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown.

Why does voltage remain constant in the reverse breakdown region in a zener diode?

This space is for answering "" Why does voltage remain constant in the reverse breakdown region in a zener diode?

How does the zener diode protect the meter?

The zener diode protects the meter by stabilizing the voltage when it goes in to the breakdown region.

Why zen er diode used at breakdown region?

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Why is the rectifier diode never operated in the breakdown region?

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What is breakdown voltage of diode?

The critical value of the voltage, at which the breakdown of a P-N junction diode occurs is called the breakdown voltage.The breakdown voltage depends on the width of the depletion region, which, in turn, depends on the doping level. The junction offers almost zero resistance at the breakdown point.

What is the function of zener dioed?

The function of a zener diode is for it to act as a voltage regulator in the breakdown region.

What is the forward breakdown voltage for in4007 diode?

there is no forward breakdown voltage for any diode

What is PIV.Why PIV of a semiconductor diode is important?

peak inverse voltage... piv of semiconductor is impoetant bcz we need to know after a peak voltage the diode get breakdown or damaged... so we need to know the peak voltage. piv is a point which withstands the maximum reverse biased voltage. after which the diode get damaged.

What is the difference between Junction diode and Zener diode?

The difference is , the break down in a zener is desirable, well designed, expected, healthy and designed for a particular value. After breakdown, it can and is expected to maintain that condition for a long time. zener is optimized to work in this region.They are designed to have very low breakdown voltages. In contrast, the break down in a rectifier diode is undesirable, not well designed, not respected. This diode is optimized to work in the rectifier region and optimized for that. Breakdown region is avoided in normal operation. The breakdown voltage is normally very high, above 100 volts.

Do a damaged diode allow current to flow?

When a diode is damaged its performance is unpredictable.

How do you xxplain the zener shunt regulator?

zener diode is a special type of pn junction diode that work in breakdown region . There are two types of brekdowns in zener i.e avlanche breakdown and zener breakdown depending on the doping concentration. A zener diode in an on state can be considered as a voltage source ,equal to its zener voltage n hence act as an voltage regulator