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A lot of places. Germany, Mexico. Just look on your sticker inside your door and it will tell you where you car was built.

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What cars are built in America?

Many cars are built in America. Unlike Audi of Pontiac, these cars were actually manufactured and built in America: Chrysler, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, and GMC and don't forget VW. These cars, especially the VW, were greatly used in WWI and WWII against the Germans and Hitler. the VW was used in the wars since it had a great durability and was small and compact. However, nowadays GMC iswildly used by the American army because of it's incredible strength.

Are Jetta cars good cars?

if ur talking about the VW then no.

What cars get 40 mpg?


Where do vw cars come from?


Where are cars built?

cars are built in car factories

How many bagatti veyrons are there in the whole world?

250 built by VW 250 built by VW depanding on demands from customers

Do VW cars have air conditioning?

in the UK the top of the range vw cars come with air conditioning as standard, but they have started installing air conditiong as standard on all of there cars

VW polo cars are what type of cars?

VW polo cars are super mini cars that are sold in Europe. Polo cars are manufactured by Volkswagen and other markets worldwide. They come in variants of hatchback, saloon, coupé and estate.

Are VW jetta good cars?


Exotic cars are built in Europe.?

Most exotic cars are built in Europe

What year is V registration for cars?

for VW Golfs

How many VW cars are sold in Germany?


When was the first bucket seat in cars?

1939 VW

Where are VW cars made in Germany?


Is a vw an American car?

VW is a German automobile company. However they have factories in Tenn where the Passat is built, and in Pennsylvania where the Rabbit & Jetta are built for U.S. sales.

Are the new VW beetle cars good safe cars?

Its rumored that the wiring is really bad

What is a Volkswagen Cabriolet Karmann?

Karmann is the factory in Germany where the car was built,. VW had more than one production factory in Germany that built VW golf's. There is a great website called VW cabby that has all the history of VW golf's dating back to the 60's.

Where is the VW GTI built?

It's a German Vehicle

How are cars built in Japan?

most of the cars are built out of japan but just like here in a factory

Where are Pontiac cars built?

Pontiac cars are no longer built anywhere, GM discontinued the line.

What new cars models begin with J?

· Jetta (VW)

What is Braman MINI Mark?

What I know is Breman Motor Sport, Breman Indiana, built fibergas body kit cars on VW frames in the early 80's. Hope this is what you are looking for.

Does vw sell more cars than Toyota?

As of 2005 Toyota sells more cars then volkswagen

What is the difference between luxury and sports cars?

Luxury cars are built for comfort and convenience, while sport cars are built for speed and performance.

In what city was the 1999 VW Beetle Bug built?

1999 VW Beetle Bug built I believe is Puebla, Pue., Mex. (80 miles east from Mexico City)

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