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The door has mids and separate tweeters so 4 are in there.

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Q: Where are all 8 of the 2006 Monte Carlo premium sound system speakers and subwoofer in an ltz only see door and rear deck speaker grills?
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How do you remove the front speakers from a 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

To remove the front speakers from a Chevy Celebrity: 1. Take out the screws from the speaker grills, take the grills out. 2. The speaker is held in with screws, remove them. Lift the speakers out of the dash and unplug the wire harness.

How do you remove the rear speakers on a 1994 chrysler lhs?

Pop the speaker grills off with a small screwdriver, then there is 4 screw holding speaker in place, as you lift the speakers out unplug the connector.

How do you get the front speakers out of a 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

The speakers are under the grills near the outer edge of the dash cover. To get the speaker grills out simply pry up on them with a thin blade screw driver. Be careful to avoid deforming the dash cover. The speakers are held in with screws, take them out and pull up on the speaker, release and remove the wire connectors.

How do you remove the rear speaker grills on a 95 accord?

There is 3 phillip type screw around speakers inside trunk...

How do you get the old speakers out to put new ones in a volkswagen beetle?

Remove the grills and then there will be 4 screws just take them out and put the new speaker in.

How many speakers does a 2008 Nissan Altima have Iv noticed it has two speaker grills right by the windshield wanted to know if these are speakers or if there is only 6 total speakers?

A 2008 Nissan Altima has 6 speakers, 2 in the dash, 2 in the door, and 2 in the rear deck.

How do you remove the dashboard speaker grilles on a 1992 Pontiac grand prix?

You have to remove the entire dash panel that the speaker grills are located on. Just pry the entire cover off from either the drivers side or passenger side. Shouldn't take too much work. I have the same car and replaced my speakers also. The speaker grills do not come off of the dash cover.

How do you remove the front door panels on a 98 Toyota T100 Extended Cab to replace speakers?

You don't need to remove front door panels, the speaker grills come out.

What size speakers are in a 1989 Mercury Cougar ls?

I believe that there are two speaker grills on the dash they are 3.5 In. Than in the doors its 6in and in the rear it 6x8 but I put some 6x9 in mine!

How do you remove rear speakers in an infinity i35?

Remove the door panels and unscrew the grills, then unscrew the speakers

How do you replace the speakers behind back seats in an alero 2001 without breaking anything?

1: Lay rear seats down. 2: Remove 4 push plugs in plastic trim. Remove trim. 3: Remove the trim from around the rear window. Both sides. Be carefull not to break wires or connectors for defrost. 4: Remove rear window pad. Speaker grills are attached to this. 5: Push the black tabs to raise speakers out. Tabs are on the left and right of speakers. 6: Disconnect the speaker wires. Not hard to do. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE SPEAKER GRILLS WITH A SCREWDRIVER. They are part of the R/Window pad.

How do you remove the front dash speaker grills on 1994 GMC sierra 1500?

they are just held in by a clip so you should just be able to pop them up and out so that you can take out the old speakers


That really depends on what year the regal is. For the early 90's there are two speakers located in the trunk directly below the rear window which are visible from inside the trunk, and there are two speakers located in the top of the dashboard which are accessible by removing the speaker grills. For later model Buick regals the rear speakers are the same, but the front speakers are located in the front door panels (you have to remove the door panels to access the wires).

How do you remove rear speakers in an Acura TL?

I just changed the rear speakers in my 97 Acura TL. I have to lay inside the trunk. You will see 4 screws (each side) When looking up inside the trunk. They hold the Speaker Grills in place. Once the bolts are out, you can lift off the speaker grill and you'll see the screws bolting the speakers down as their under the grill. I also have the color codes for the speaker wires. Let me know if you need them ebaytodd at msn

How do you replace Alfa Romeo 156 speakers?

As with any other car!... take off the protective grills, unscrew the speaker, unplug, and plug the new one, screw it on, and put the protective grill on again! ;)

How do you remove the rear speaker grills on a 2004 Hyundai Sonata?

its impossible

Where can you find rear speaker grills for 2004 Toyota Camry?


How do you remove the dash speakers on a jeep commander?

just remove the grills off the speakers with a flat head screw driver

Where do you buy a replacement door speaker for a Chrysler 300m?

I bought a pair of replacement speakers from the Crutchfield catalog. It was a breeze to replace them since the speaker grills pop right off allowing for easy access. Remember that the tweeters are up top so you only need bass. You can put it combined speakers but the tweeters will not work. They don't carry the infinity radio parts anymore, you can still get the Dodge Chrysler speakers from oemautosound

How do you remove the speaker grill of a 1996 Maxima?


Where are the rear speaker wires in a 3 door 1995 Peugeot 106 there is no provision for rear speakers or grills in the back but pretty sure the car supports it?

Because it's cheaper just to produce one generic wiring loom for all the cars. Nothing stopping you fitting rear speakers in the vehicle, it's just they used the same looms for all models, rear speakers or not.

How to replace the rear speakers in a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

If it is like the Country model, carefully pry off the black grills over the speakers. Be careful not to bend the metal prongs on the edges of the grill. Then the speaker is exposed and you will find four screws or "buttons" that you will need to remove in order to get the speaker removed. Once you have the speaker off - just remember solid wire to solid wire; solid with stripe to solid with stripe. Usually the new speaker will have screws to attach the replacement speaker with rather than the "button" type attachment. So, it is easier to remove later for your next set! Match up the metal prongs on the speaker grill cover to the openings in the ceiling and push gently to secure it in place. That's it.

Where can one purchase a speaker grill?

Speaker grills can be purchased from high street audio equipment retailers, such as Maplin. These items are also available from specialist online retailers such as SpeakerGrills.

What kind of grills does the company Bull BBQ sell?

Outlaw, Steer, Brahma, Bison, Charcoal, Angus, Lonestar Select, and 7 Burner Premium are some of the various grills that are available for purchase from the Bull BBQ Company. The Bull BBQ website offers additional information about these styles of grills.

What are the speaker sizes on a 1994 Toyota Paseo?

I just replaced the rear speakers in a 93 Paseo so I'd think they are the same as the 94. First, the speaker grills are oval, but they're just for looks and are mounted on the rear deck. Don't try to remove the grills by themselves Remove the whole rear deck. Lower the rear seat back and you'll find some blue plastic clips protruding underneath. Compress them with pliers and push up and you'll find that the rear deck comes up easily so you can get to the speakers. The factory speakers had a special mounting bracket with two ears to bolt the speaker in. However I found that a standard 6 1/2 inch round speaker fit just fine with a little creativity. Instead of mounting with the original ears on the bracket, I set the speaker in place from the top and used very large "body" washers with 1/4 inch id and the original mounting bolts to hold them in place. The body washers just grab the outer edge of the speaker frame and press it down. To make sure the speakers sealed and didn't rattle I put a ring of foam tape on the outer edge of the speakers before setting them in place. The speakers I used came from a $100 Sony XPlode stereo from Walmart, but I'd expect that any standard 6 1/2 inch speaker would work. Anyway, they work great. Another alternative is to check a place like Best Buy and see if the installation department as a proper speaker adapter for a few bucks. But, the above was so easy and cheap and worked, I'd just give it a try.