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Where are all ground points on 97 cavalier Z24?

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Q: Where are all ground points on 97 cavalier Z24?
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1998 Chevy cavalier z24 warning lights stay on all the time?

what are the warning lights in the Chevy cavalier z24. and what do they mean

What is the tire size for a Chevy Cavalier 2004?

well that all depends on if you have a base model cavy with 15s, or a z24 with 16s

What years will a front sub frame fit a 98 z24?

The front sub frame is all the same from 95-02 cavalier, Z24 or sunfire. i had a rotten one in my 97 and used a frame from a 01 sunfire GT

Where is the timing cover located on 1998 cavalier z24?

Passenger side. Its that flat cover with all those screws in it. It is a big process to get off.

Will 97 2.4 Z24 motor fit in 99 Cavalier Z24?

It night, I think 95-2000 are all the same basic concept. I'm having a new motor dropped into my 2000 z24 convertible right now. I'm sure as long as it's the 2.4l dohc it should work.

How do you remove the door panel on a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24?

The door panel in a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24, can be removed by first removing the lens covers from any lights in the door. Then, remove the light sockets themselves with a screwdriver. Using a flat screwdriver, gently pop the clips on all sides of the door panel and remove it.

What causes the speedometer to still go haywire and bounce all over the place on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier Z24 after replacing the speed sensor?

i had a ford car that did that and it was the alternater

What belt is used on a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 alternator?

The parts store can give you all the numbers,but it uses a serpintene belt (it has ribs) is used and the main numbers will be 475

Where is the starter located on a 1993 Z24 Cavalier?

The starter is located between the engine and radiator and is visible from the engine bay but accessible from under the car. It attaches with two vertical bolts. Go to for all your Z24 questions!!!! Follow the red(positive) cable from the battery

What is wrong if the brake lights in a 1999 Cavalier Z24 do not work but the tail lights directional hazard and center brake lights all do and the tail lamps have been replaced?

The problem points to the directional/lights and hazard switch. The brake light wiring is part of that circuit.You can buy the switch after market it is about $70.00.

Does a 1997 Chevy cavalier z24 have a timing chain or belt?

All 1997 Chevy Cavlier Z24 (2.4 Litre engine) have a timing chain, that typically never needs to be replaced except in case of engine damage. On this vehicle the timing chain also runs the water pump.

Is the 2002 Z24 Chevy cavalier equipped with a timing belt?

The z24 models have a 2.4L DOHC engine.If you look at the engine,on the passenger side it is flat.A chain goes all the way around that part on the inside.The chain turns two camshafts(intake and exhaust) and the water pump. So,the answer is "no" it has a timing chain.

What could be the problem with a 1994 Chevy Cavalier Z24 if the turn signals will not blink unless you click the wand manually and all bulbs are fine and there is a new blinker switch?

Defective Flasher Relay. Replace it.

What is the stock tire size for a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Just to be on the safe side, Any place that sells tires can give you this info. The z24 model uses 16" and all others use 15"

What is wrong if the brake lights in a 2000 Cavalier Z24 do not work but the tail lights directional hazard and center brake lights all do and the tail lamps have been replaced?

Check the brake switch at the pedal.

What is the average lifespan of a 1996 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

around 120,000 miles is when there will be some minor problems but they are all easy and/or inexspensive fixes. Ive had 3 cavalier z24s a 96, 97 and a 01. each one of them is still running. 96 has 122xxx, 97 193xxx, 01 147xxx.

On your 1996 z24 cavalier the trunk with not shut properly Its got something to do with the latch it doesn't lock?

i had the same problem with a 97 z24...i noticed that the hook connected to the body of the car (not the actual latch on the trunklid) was attached to some thin sheetmetal that bent downward. all i did was pry it up higher and it latched perfectly again.

Why would a 1994 Cavalier Z24 lose brake fluid and grab and pull to the right?

Look at it to see where the fluid is going. Check the LEFT FRONT brake to see if it is not working and causing the right one to do it all.

1999 cavalier has power but wont start whats wrong?

check your starter first of all if its not that then look at the positive terminal on the alternator and see if it may be loose it may just need to be tightened up.. i had a similar problem on my 96 cavalier z24. i switched the connector that connects to the terminal and now its fine. hope this helps.

How do you adjust headlights on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

Generally, pull about 10ft from a wall or garage door on level ground and turn your lights on. Adjust headlights by turning torx screws on headlight assembly so that each beam is pointing perfectly straight forward and about 2-3ft high off ground on wall/door. Probably closer to 2ft is better. Remember there should be 2 separate beams and measure height from middle of beam to the ground. This procedure is very general but will work for all cars.

Where is the engine ground located on a Chevy z24?

The negative battery cable is grounded to the battery tray and engine, close to the starter on the block. It's not a real great ground system but, its all you need if you can keep the battery tray connection clean.

What are the torque specs for a 1996 Chevy cavalier 2.2l engine all specs mains rods head bolts timing gear and chain line up points thanks?

What are the torque specs for a 1996 Chevy cavalier 2.2l

Can a GM vortec 4.3 liter fit into a z24 cavalier and if so is a new transmission required instead of a 1989 2.8L Z24 cavalier trani and what frame and or bracket modifications are needed?

ok to use a 2.8 tranny u need to find a bell housing adapter whick there out there for a fiero 350 swap and ud be better using a buick fwd 3.8 super charged it will bolt up to the tranny and all the mods u have to make when ur test fitting it and u have to make the brackets for the mounts

How fast does the Z24 cavalie go?

my 1995 z24 will do 140 easily, but that's with all of the internals switched out fo r performance parts.

List of all the gauges for a Toyota cavalier?

Toyota doesnt make a cavalier. The cavalier is made by chevrolet.