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there are grease fittings on the driveshafts only. there are 3 on the front and 6 on the rear driveshaft. raise the vehicle up and put the transmission in neutral. the driveshafts can then be rotated to expose the fittings at the u-joints and the sliding joints.

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โˆ™ 2006-01-30 19:36:32
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Q: Where are grease fittings on a 2004 Toyota 4 Runner and how many are there?
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Where are Grease Fittings 2004 Dodge 1500?

There aren't any.

Where are the grease fittngs on a 2004 pontaic Montana?

As it left the factory with original parts, it had no grease fittings.

Grease fittings on 2004 Taurus?

Original equipment probably has none. Replacement parts may come with a grease fitting.

Does a 2004 dodge caravan have grease fittings?

Not from the factory. Replacement parts could though.

Does the 2004 Toyota 4-runner v8 have a timing belt or chain?

In a 2004 Toyota 4 Runner : The 4.7 liter V8 engine has a timing BELT

Where are the grease fittings for a 2004 dodge ram?

is it a 1500.don't look to long there aren't any.when you need new ball joint etc use aftermarket parts most have grease fittings

Where are the grease fittings on a 2004 dodge Dakota slt 4x4?

if you can't see them then there aren't any.

How many grease fittings on a 2004 jeep liberty?

From the factory there where none.From the factory there where none.

Does the 2004 Ford Freestar have grease zerts on the front end or is it sealed?

From the factory, it is sealed. Some non-OEM replacement parts do have grease fittings.

2004 Chrysler Town and Country grease zerks?

The 2004 Chrysler Town and Country front end uses fittings that look like zerks, but do not except grease. The components are sealed and do not need to be greased.

What should I do after replacing the trans axle on my 2004 Honda Civic I took it for a test ride it was making a click noise I checked it out and found out that the grease fitting on the ball joint wa?

I assume the grease fittings are contacting the aftermarket wheels. Remove the grease fittings and install plugs in their place.

How do you recode lock cylinder on 2004 Toyota 4-runner?

See dealier

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