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On rose bushes or where aphids live

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Q: Where are lady bugs found?
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Are lady bugs vicious?

Lady bugs are not vicious. They are very calm insects which are typically found in spring and summer months.

What are lady bugs enimeis?

Well little children that like lady bugs but the poor lady bugs in danger. and other bugs want to eat the lady bugs.

What are lady bugs used for?

lady bugs are bugs. they are meant to be bugs and help gardens

What are facts lady bugs?

lady bugs sleep at nigh comnes out durig the daylady bugs are beetles

Is a lady bug a omnivore?

A lady bug is an omnivore. Lady bugs eat plants and other things that are found on the ground, in vegetation.

What are female lady bugs called?

They are called lady bugs

Are all lady bugs girls?

No they aren't. Male lady bugs are required to reproduce lady bugs. Even though I can see your confusion from the term "LADY bugs" =D LOL

Are black lady bugs rare?

Yes, they are. They are found mainly in rainforests ,I think.

What attracts lady bugs?

Lady Bugs really like the carrot family. Lady Bugs like 4 leaf clovers, that is why they are good luck. Lady Bugs are red with black spots.

What are African lady bugs?

African lady bugs are red bugs that save trees by swarming on it

Do lady bugs eat rubber?

No, lady bugs eat aphids.

Are orange lady bugs mean?

what do orange lady bugs mean

What color is a lady bugs egg?

What is the color of a lady bugs eggs

Can lady bugs kill you?

No, lady bugs don't even bite.

Do lady bugs bit?

No they do not bite the red Lady bugs are harmless.

Are ladybugs attracted to blue light?

are lady bugs attrakted to light are lady bugs attrakted to light are lady bugs attrakted to light

How do lady bugs survive?

Lady bugs survive by people obviously not killing them

Are lady bugs really female?

There are both male and female lady bugs.

Do lady bigs eat aphids?

lady bugs ladybugs Lady bugs are the interesting insect that eats wood

Do lady bugs have live births or do the babies hatch from eggs?

Lady bugs, like most bugs, hatch from eggs.

What kind of climate do lady bugs live in?

Lady bugs live in warm places

What are some other names for lady bugs?

There are many terms one might use when referring to the spotted bug, 'lady bugs.' Popular terms include 'lady beetles' or 'lady birds.' Lady bugs are not dangerous.

Do lady bugs migrate?

I don't think so. But due to my research, I have found out that some species do.

Do lady bugs kill spiders?

Lady Bugs DO kill spiders. Lady bugs are carnivorous and are a perfect natural way of removing any spider pest problems you have.

Were do lady bugs live?

lady bugs live in bunches together on flowers and other plants.