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Bananas are mainly imported from Ecuador, Costa Rica, Philippines, and Colombia.

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Are bananas imported and exported from the US?

Imported to.

What would the US most likely do in order to help the us consumers of bananas?

B. eliminate the tariff on bananas imported from Ecuador

Does Romania have bananas?

Bananas are not a product of Romania. Bananas are imported.

Where do you purchase bananas from?

Nearly all supermarkets in the US and many other countries carry bananas. These can be purchased year round in the US as they are generally all imported.

Where are bananas imported from?


How many bananas are imported every year?

350000 bananas are imported to the uk every year. mostly they are from africa. lol

How many bananas imported into the US?

This is not something we have current data for, however, in 2005 the total US imports for Bananas was 33,796 million tons. That is approximately 1.4 billion USD.

What gets imported in to Cook Islands?


Where did the bananas from Chile come from?

Most of them come from Ecuador. According to the Central Bank of Chile, Chile imported bananas from Ecuador with a cost of USD 54,000,000 cif.

What is the most imported product in the US?


How many bananas imported into UK?

Type your answer here. 152783

Where in US does most tea come from?

Most Green tea is imported from China. Most Black tea is imported from Sri Lanka and Kenya.

What is imported to the US?

Most cars now days are imported to the US. Any Japanese, Korean, or European cars are imported. Not all brands are imported, however. Some Hondas come from Canada, and some VW's come from Mexico. So "what is imported to the US?" is a very vague question.

What was the most widely grown crop in the US?


Where do bananas in the UK get imported from?

My spoon is to big...My spoon is to a bannana

Were do Bannas come from?

Hawaii Bananas grow in warm, tropical climates, such as South America, Africa, India and the Caribbean. Some varieties of bananas are native to certain areas of the world, for example, plantains are native to India. The only states in the US to grow bananas are Hawaii and Florida, however the crops tend to be small, leaving the US dependent on imported bananas. And they come from plants and minions.

Do bananas grow in a different country?

In the US, we get most of our bananas from Central American countries like Honduras and Guatemala.

How do red bananas fart?

Red bananas do not fart as they are simply another form of bananas that are usually imported from australia or south america. Many tend to prefer red bananas over the traditional bananas due to the sweetness and nutrition value of the fruit.

What is the most responsible job loss in the us?

Cheap imported goods

Do Iceland grown bananas?

All bananas consumed in Iceland are imported but some are grown for experimental purposes in geothermally heated greenhouses at the Horticultural institute.

Is nuclear fuel imported?

Assuming you mean to the US, I think most of the raw uranium is now imported, from Australia and Canada mainly, but the enrichment and fuel assembly manufacture is in the US.

Are Mossberg guns made in the US?

Most are. Some are imported and badge engineered.

What percentage of goods from the US imported from china?

40% of goods are imported from China to US

When were bananas introduced to the US?

when were bananas introduced to america

How can you find the name of a herb that is imported into the US from Cuba?

There are no herbs imported to the US from Cuba. The US does not trade with Cuba.