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there located in the rear hub....take of tire, remove the brake assembly and then remove the wheel will then see it behind the hub(it has a flat end and a chrome color.) removal is simple after doing all that.

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โˆ™ 2004-07-27 20:43:04
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Q: Where are the ABS sensors located on a 1995 Ford Probe GT?
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Where is the transmission filter located on a 1995 Ford Probe?

Inside the transmission.

Where is fuel pump located on car 1995 ford probe?

in the tank

Will a 1995 Ford Probe transmission fit in a 1994 Ford Probe?


Will a sunroof from a 1995 Ford Probe GT fit into a 1994 Ford Probe SE?

Yessir, it will.

Where is the fuse or relay located for the cigarette lighter in a 1995 Ford Probe GT?

If you want answers about your Ford Probe. Please check out this site: and place your question there, you will have an answer within the hour.

Where is the ecu in 1997 Ford Probe 2.0?

where is the ecu located on a 97 ford probe

Where is the starter on a 1995 Ford Probe GT?

the starter is located right below the factory air filter box

How many oxygen sensors on a 1995 Ford Ranger?

My 1995 Ford Explorer with 4.0 L OHV has 2 oxygen sensors (Helpfull)

What is the bolt pattern on a 1995 Ford Probe?


How do you go around the amp on 1995 ford probe how do you go around the amp for after market radio?

how do you go around amp for after market radio on 1995 ford probe

Where is 1990 Ford Probe speed sensor?

in the 3.0l models it is located right on top of the transmission. It makes a difference in sensors if you have the analog or digital cluster on the dash.

What transmissions and years are compatible with 1995 ford probe gt 2.5 6 cylinder turbo?

The 1995 Ford Probe, either the GT or the 4 cylinder DID NOT COME with a Turbo.

Where are the oxygen sensors located on a ford probe 97 GT and how many are?

There are a total of four Oxygen Sensors: one in each exhaust manifold near the motor, and one on either side (upstream & downstream) of the catalytic converter.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1994 Ford Probe?

How many O2 sensors on ford E350 and where are these located?

how many o2 sensors on a ford e350 van 2003

Where is the ignition coil in a 1995 ford probe gt?

Built into the distributor.

Where is Fuse for fuel pump in a 1995 Ford Probe gt?

The fuel pump fuse is located in the main fuse block, which is located inside the engine compartment near the battery.

Is a 94 Ford Probe interchangeable with a 97 Ford Probe?

Yes. body parts, interior parts and most motor componets are interchangeable. However, the 94 Probe is an OBD-I and the 97 Probe is an OBD-II so there are additional sensors on the 97 Probe to consider if swapping motors/wire harnesses, etc.

Will the engine and transmission of a 1995 Ford Probe fit into a 1993 Ford Probe?

Yes,but the 93 and 94 enginges are obd1,while the 95-97 are obd2.

Where is your crank sensor on your 94 Ford Probe?

there are twoCrank sensors on the ford probe GT. One is located in the distributor that control spark and by taking the passenger front wheel off and to the right of the crank shaft pully you will see a one bolt device with three wires, that is your lower crank sensor.

What is the firing order for a 1995 Ford Probe?


Will a dohc vtec fit in a 1995 Ford Probe?

yes yes yes

Where is the idle adjustment screw located on a 1993 Ford Probe?

its located on the throttle body

Where is fuel pump located on car 2002 Ford Probe?

Ok well the ford probe discontinued production in 1997. On all Ford Probe models the fuel pump is located in the gas tank. So to service and or replace it you have to drop the gas tank. Not fun

Where is the computer located on a 1995 ford E250?

Where is the computer located in the 1995 ford e250 4.9l engine