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The intake is mounted to the center of the top of the engine, and the pcv valve would probably be on the top of right valve cover, near the back of the engine, underneath the firewall. You got problems already?

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โˆ™ 2004-12-02 06:31:08
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Q: Where are the air intake manifold and the PCV valve on a 2005 Ford F150 FX4 5.4 liter engine?
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Where is egr valve on sebring?

its on the side of the engine! behind the intake manifold... between the intake manifold and the firewall.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1997 Ford Ranger 2.3 liter engine?

On the 1992 2.3 it is behind the upper intake manifold, about even with the lower intake manifold (driver's side).This puts it between the manifold and the firewall.

Where is EGR valve on 2000 Ford Explorer with 5.0 Liter engine?

back of the intake manifold, middleof the engine. lets gasses from exhaust back into the intake. will be a tube coming off it to the passenger side going to the exhaust manifold

Where is the PCV valve located on a 2005 Mazda 6i with a 2.3 liter?

It is located under the Intake Manifold. You must remove the intake manifold to get to it.

Where is the PCV valve located in the engine?

the PVC valve should be located on the valve cover by the intake manifold on top of your engine block

Where is the PCV valve for a Hyundai accent 16 liter?

your pcv valve is directly in front of the intake manifold silver unit that goes between the intake manifold and the throttle body it will have a connector coming from it. what this does it stops the engine from stalling and balances the idle. so as long as the check engine light is not on dont worry about it.

Which valve is the intake valve on number 1 cylinder for a 460 Ford engine?

the valve on intake port side and exhause valve on exhaust manifold side.

Where are the EGR valve PCV valve and oxygen sensor on a 1993 Mitsubishi Montero RS 3.0 liter engine?

The PCV valve should be under the intake manifold- pretty tough to get to w/o actually taking off the manifold. The EGR valve should be on the intake manifold itself. The O2 sensor should be threaded into the exhaust manifold(id by wire attached to it). Good Luck;)

What is the top end of an engine?

intake manifold pistons heads crankshaft valve

Can you replace a Ford 4 liter engine without an egr valve with one that has a egr valve?

You could transfer the upper intake manifold from the old engine to the new one one, and voila! you now have a non-EGR engine!

Where is the intake manifold located at on 2003 Chevy silverado 5.3?

The intake manifold is bolted on the center of the engine between the 2 Valve covers.

Where on a 1994 mercury sable wagon with 3.8 liter engine where is the pcv located?

the PCV valve will be lacated in the valve cover next to the firewall. It will be in the top of the valve cover and have a rubber vacume hose leading under the upper manifold to a port on the intake manifold

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