Where are the cooling fans and cooling fan relays in a 1996 Mercury Tracer?

Good question- the 1996 Mercury Tracer cooling fan relays usually described in wireing diagrams as "in the engine fuse box". Not true, though the relays near by, hidden in the front of the left fender, next to the air filter box, headlamp and fuse box. The air filter box must be removed, which reveals a wire harness and a rubber covered pair of relays and wire harness. One relay controls the high fan speed and one the low, both are necessary to be plugged in, for a complete circuit to run the fan. If the fan does not run with the A/C, check the "high speed" relay which is originally blue and has a blue wire connector plug. The plug can also melt, sometimes this is a sign the fan is wearing out and drawing excessively high current. The cooling fan is near the air filter box too, attached to the radiator with three wires connected to the motor. One wire is always grounded (black) the other two green wires supply the high and low fan speed power, which is always 12 to 14 volts. The speed control is within the fan motor depending on which wire gets power.