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Where are the fuel filter and the PVC valve located on a 1994 Chevy Suburban 1500?


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2004-07-16 11:18:05
2004-07-16 11:18:05

Hey Minnie==Trace the fuel line from the tank toward the engine and you should find the filter about midway. The pcv is in the right valve cover. GoodluckJoe


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The PCV valve on a 2002 Chevy Suburban 6.0 liter engine is located in the engine. You cannot miss the valve.

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where is the pcv valve located on a 2001 chevy suburban It is stuck in a rubber hose and pushed into the top rear drivers side valve cover.

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The brake dump valve on a 1996 Chevy Suburban is used for bleeding the brakes after new brake pads are installed. It is located on the master cylinder for each brake.

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where is the heater control valve on a 1994 2500 suburban

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It's in a hose that goes in the top back side of the drivers side valve cover.

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