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Q: Where are the horns located on a 97 Honda accord you have been told there are 2 of them?
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When was the Honda Accord car first released?

The Honda Accord is one of Honda's flagship vehicles. The Honda Accord was first released in 1976 and has been an award winning vehicle ever since its debut.

When will 08 Honda Accord coupe be for sale?

As of October 2012, the 08 Honda Accord coupe has been on sale for almost five years.

How many years has it been since the Honda Accord was first introduced?

The Honda Accord was first introduced in 1976; that's 36 years!

What exactly is a pre owned Honda Accord?

Honda is a well-known automobile company that produces different makes and models of cars. The Accord is one of the car models they produce. A pre-owned Honda Accord is a Honda Accord that has been previously owned by another person. This differs from a Brand new Honda Accord in that is usually already has mileage on it and may or may not show some signs of usage.

How many years has the Honda Accord been manufactured in America?


Who is the manufacturer of the Accord Coupe?

The manufacturer of the Accord Coupe is Honda. Honda has manufactured a series of automobiles since 1976. The Accord nameplate has been applied to several vehicles. Some of these vehicles include wagons, coupes, and hatchbacks.

Is Honda Accord 2004 a front wheel drive?

Yes, all Honda Accords are FWD and always have been.

Where is the diagnostic connector for 1994 Honda Accord ex?

The diagnostic connector in a 1994 Honda Accord Ex is located under the dash on the passenger side of the car. If it has not been accessed before it will have a green sleeve over it. If you do not see a green sleeve, look for a brown two wire plug.

What is special about the Honda Accord 2000 model?

The Honda Accord is the best selling of the Honda models. It has been manufactured since 1976, which is quite a long time for a car. It was the first Japanese made car to be manufactured in the United States.

Will the Honda Accord race in NASCAR?

There has been no talk lately on Nascar using the Honda Accord in any of their top three series.Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota are the current makes Nascar uses.

When does the 2008 Honda accord come out?

The 2008 Honda Accord currently is in stock at all Honda dealers across the United States. The Honda Accord has been out since September 12, 2007. The Accord is now available in many trim levels which include: LX, LX-P, EX, EX-L and EX-L w/ Navigation. In addition you can get a V6 model on EX and higher models.

How many times has Honda Accord been on car and drivers top ten list?


What kind of freon does a 1986 Honda accord take?

Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

What type of freon does a 1990 Honda Accord use?

Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

What kind of freon is used in 1990 Honda Accord?

Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

Causes Honda accord tail lights and brake are on?

Found out that the rubber plug located on the bracket pedal felt down. New rubber plug is been inserted in the hole common to the brake switch and the problem is been corrected.

What can make a Honda Accord not start after a fuel pump and relay switch has been installed?

Fuel filter. ( 94 accord on fire wall beneath master cylinder )

How much horsepower Honda Accord lx have?

Honda has been building the Honda Accord from 1976 until 2013. The 1976 model 4 cylinder had 68 h.p. and today the 2013 model LX 4 cylinder has 185 h.p. With many different H.P. versions in between.

What does a wrench icon indicate on a Honda accord instrument cluster?

Your engine is asking for help -you've been neglecting it.

Is the GOLD trim only on 2001 Honda Accord SE?

Yes, unless it has been added as an aftermarket upgrade.

What would cause the engine malfunction light from coming on 2001 Honda Accord?

Bulb is blown or has been removed.

How many times has Honda Accord been on Car and Driver 10 Best list?

10 -- No. 26 times.

How can i fix 2007 Honda Accord headlight dimming problem When the air is turned on?

I am sorry to say that there is no answer to this question. Just do a general search on 2007-08 -09 Honda accord headlight problems and you will see that Honda is ignoring the problem but there has been a couple of buyback orders if you look on the Honda-tech forums under headlight problems. sorry

Where is the heater core located in 92 Honda Accord?

Behind the dash. Pain in the butt to replace, one of the hardest things to do in a car from what I've been told. I've gotta get mine replaced here soon.

What kind of oil is recommended for a 1994 Honda accord ex?

i drive a Honda 94 accord ex and i always put convenitional 5w-30 and it runs dam good stay away from the cheap stuff Honda fluids are the best stick with the H!!! Honda does not manufacture oil. They get their oil from a major oil company that has been rebranded with Honda on the can. Any major oil is fine to use in your Accord as long as it is SAE 5w30. I recommend you use High Mileage oil if you have over 100,000 miles on the odometer. When it comes to A/T fluid use only Honda brand fluid which has been formulated for Honda transmissions. Use no other fluid that claims to meet Honda specs.