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There are now about 400 geothermal power plants in 22 countries around the world. The United States, the Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, and Iceland are the largest producers of geothermal energy.

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How is geothermal energy made into energy?

Power plants produce geothermal energy by utilizing geothermal dry steam or geothermal hot water accessed by digging wells. Dry steam or hot water is brought to the surface through pipes and processed into electricity in the power plant.

There are three different ways that power plants process geothermal energy. The three different methods are dry steam, flash steam and binary-cycle. All three methods use steam to power a turbine which drives a generator that produces electricity.

• Dry steam geothermal power plants use steam that is brought from below the earth's surface through pipes, directly to the power plant's turbines.

• Flash steam geothermal power plants use hot water that is brought from below the earth's surface. The hot water is sprayed into a tank and creates steam.

• Binary-cycle geothermal plants use moderate temperature water from a geothermal source and combine it with another chemical to create steam. The steam powers the turbine that drives the generator to create electricity.
Geothermal energy has other uses besides the production of electricity in power plants.Geothermal sources of hot water can be used to heat buildings. Hot water is pumped through pipes located in the building walls to heat the building.Geothermal hot water can also be used as a household hot water source.Geothermal hot water does not need to be heated and is therefore a clean and cheap source of hot water.

What is the importance of air to plants?

Power plantA means for converting stored energy into work. Stationary power plants such as electric generating stations are located near sources of stored energy, such as coal fields or river dams, or are located near the places where the work is to be performed, as in cities or industrial sites. Mobile power plants for transportation service are located in vehicles, as the gasoline engines in automobiles and diesel locomotives for railroads. Power plants range in capacity from a fraction of a horsepower(hp) to over 106 kwin a single unit. Large power plants are assembled, erected, and constructed on location from equipment and systems made by different manufacturers. Smaller units are produced in manufacturing facilities.Most power plants convert part of the stored raw energy of fossil fuels into kinetic energy of a spinning shaft. Some power plants harnessnuclear energy. Elevated water supply or run-of-the-river energy is used in hydroelectricityplants. For transportation, the plant may produce a propulsive jet, as in some aircraft, instead of the rotary motion of a shaft. Other sources of energy, such as fuel cells, winds, tides, waves, geothermal, ocean thermal, nuclear fusion, photovoltaics, and solar thermal, have been of negligiblecommercial significance in the generation of power despite their magnitudes. See also energy-sources-of. Do power plants make their own power? Yes, in a power plant a proportion of the generator output is fed back into the plant to run auxiliaries, before the bulk output is transformed up to the high voltage of the main transmission lines. In a nuclear plant some backup power is essential in the event of losing the connection to the outside completely, and this is provided by diesels with their own generators. What are some geothermal power plants in the Philippines?Some of the geothermal fields in the Philippines are:Bacman Geothermal Field in SorsogonDauin Geothermal in Dauin, Negros OrientalTiwi Geothermal Power PlantMakBan Geothermal Power PlantNorthern Negros Geothermal Power Plant in Bago City, Negros OccidentalTongonan Geothermal Power Plant in Leyte. What is a geothermal power plant?A geo thermal power plant uses the heat provided deep below the earths surface combined with water to create super heated steam, which then powers a turbine to produce electricity. HANNAHLYN

Why were power plants made?

To produce electricity

Why were Nuclear Power Stations made?

Nuclear power plants were made in the hope of providing a more efficient source of electricity than is obtained from coal powered plants.

Can geothermal resources be man made?

No! Geothermal energy can NOT be man-made, but you can find it in homes and businesses etc. Geysers, volcanoes, pools of boiling mud, and fumaroles are the most common geothermal resources.

What is geothermal energy made out of?

it is made out if gases that are underneaqth the earth

What is it electric power from water?

It is electricity made under water such as dams and power plants and toys. JK

What kind of energy is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is thermal energy that is made and stored in the Earth. Thermal energy determines the temperature of things. Geothermal energy can be used for electricity.

What is geothermal made from?

Village time and life beyond

What is geothermal energy made of?

it isn't made of anuything, it COMES from the cenre of the earth

How did fosil fuels begin with energy from the sun?

Because sunlight allowed plants to grow, which made it possible for animals to eat the plants. Eventually the plants got turned into fossil fuels. Apart from geothermal and nuclear energy all energy sources on earth originated with sunlight.

Difference between captive power plant and independent power producer?

When there is a huge demand of power and people feel generating electricity is cheaper than purchasing it, Captive power plants are made. Excess generation of CPP can be sold through grid. On the other hand Independent power plants are made for supplying to grid only.

How is geothermal energy made and generated?

A regular power station is built. Two shafts are drilled down into the earth to the hot rocks. Water is cycled through the shafts and the steam created spins electricity turbines. The power station has no harmful carbon dioxide emissions.A:Geothermal Energy is made in all diiferent countries. They need to be in volcanic environments that have Geysers and/or Hot Springs. Type in Google Pacific Ring Of Fire +Geothermal. There are a lot of sites.Geothermal energy uses heat or steam from the Earth to run electrical turbines to generate electricity. This system is only available where there is a significant underground heat source.

What will happen if all its mitochondrie are removed from the cell?

The mitochondria are the "power plants" for the cell. No power, no products can be made. The cell will die.

Where should nuclear power plants be built in Britain?

I don't know and I made the question

Has anyone made a small fission power plant to power remote homes?

No, and since all nuclear plants have to be licensed it is not likely

How many nuclear power plants does the Philippines have?

There is only one nuclear power plant in the Philippines. It is located in Bataan and was made in 1973.

What is the largest source of man made mercury in the environment?

Power plants fueled by fossil fuels

What are 5 energy sources that do not produce carbon dioxide?

solar power nuclear power wind power geothermal power wave power tidal power however these are not completely free of producing carbon dioxide, an example is the wind turbines. they are made of steel which produces carbon dioxide, therefore the making of the wind turbine produces carbon dioxide.

Questions about plants?

What is plants made of? The plants are made of cells and tissues.

Is cotton made from plants?

It is made from plants

What is the largest source of man-made mercury in the environment?

power plants fueled by fossil fuels

When was the first electricity made by commercial nuclear power plants?

the time the old man wanted to make it

Are the power plants responsible for the energy conversion safe and productive?

They are as safe as they can be made and as productive as their design specifications.

What are the advantages used of geothermal?

Geothermal is clean, sustainable, and renewable. It does not burn anything because the heat it needs to be powered by is already made my the earth's core. :) hope this helps

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