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Where are the spark plugs in a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?

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With a car this new, one shouldn't have to be worried about spark plugs at this time. Check the owner's manual for the scheduled maintenance.

But, if you are still wondering,

On a four cylinder engine, the plugs will be right in the front at the exhaust manifold.

A V6 will have three in front, and three on the back side of the engine.

If you have four Hamsters in your cage and it says "ECOTEC 2.2" on the top of the engine then the cattle prods for those furry little devils are located right underneath where it says 'ECOTEC 2.2". Make sure you have your metric sockets handy 10mm to remove plate and 16mm deep with extension to remove the plugs. You will need to either loosen or remove the holding bracket over the top of the engine, the only bar over the engine, since the plate will need to travel a couple of inches to clear and pull out ( though honestly I just bent the bugger out of the way)<--- this does work. I strongly recommend using the old "peice of rubber tubing" technique, since the plugs are straight down in their little shute, and I have NEVER cross threaded a plug doing it this way. Remember,snug not tight.

If you're wondering why the spark plugs aren't the same, Ac Delco obsoleted the old ones 41-981, now 41-103 is the replacement, you SHOULD replace them with the same spark plug since the Ecotec engine is sensitive. You can use tweezers to get the spark plugs out too, if you don't have any "rubber tubing" just hanging around the house.

Additionally, When he mentioned bending the harness over the valve cover to get the plate off of the motor, that does work, genius. I work at a car lot and change plugs often, on my Cavalier to remove them if you don't have the hose- Get a 5/8" Deep Spark Plug Removal Socket; you can get these at any auto parts store, Walmart, etc. It is a deep socket with a hex pattern on the back that a 3/8" drive fit in. They are unique in that they have a rubber or foam gasket inside that hugs the spark plug for easy removal. Provided they are securely in the socket and you don't fling it around, the plug will remain in upside down. Also a good extension is necessary, one that is a foot or less so that you can drop it into the holes where the plugs are in. I tend to like to tighten them snug and then a slight quarter turn more, if you are like me, be sure to use a special spark plug anti-seize grease that you can get at the store as well. On all aluminum head engines you should use this. Also if your coil boots are still okay but are starting to not seal over the plug as they used to, squirt a little bit of tune-up grease on them to help keep moisture out.

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ALL gasoline engines have spark plugs. Only diesels don't have spark plugs.

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It is a 3.1 Liter V6, so it has 6 spark plugs.

2003 Chevy cavalier spark plug diagram?

A wiring plug diagram for 2003 Chevy Cavalier spark plug wires is located in the service manual. The Manual can be bought from an auto parts, the dealer, or some libraries.

Where do you find the spark plugs in a 2003 Chevy Tahoe?

They are in the sides of the head where the exhaust manifolds are.

Why would 2003 cavalier vibrate when started and continue vibration when driven?

Try changing spark plugs. Blow out dirt around plugs first.

Why will your 2003 Chevy Suburban crank but not start?

A 2003 Chevy Suburban will crank but not start if it has no spark or fuel. Checking for a clogged fuel filter or fouled spark plugs can help to resolve the problem.

Where is 2003 Chevy Cavalier distributer?

no distributor or spark plug wires its a coil pack on the top of the engine.

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Where are the spark plugs located on the 2003 Cavalier?

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the proper gap size for all vin. #'s of 2003 Chevy and gmc suburbans is 0.060 as per the Chevy owners manual. I have a 2003 Chevy suburban and I am replacing my plugs tomorrow, good day kind friend. Danny Romero Louisiana