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The spark plugs are located below a panel in the center of the engine block. You don't have individual cables, but rather a panel to which a wiring harness is attached. This wiring harness includes the four boots that fit on top of the spark plugs. When you remove this panel, all four boots come off all four plugs simultaneously. The panel has four long bolts. The wiring connections attach on the right side: you may need to slide out a little compression pin on the wiring harness to be able to slide the entire jack out of the socket, but it should be pretty easy to figure that out. Once the wires are disconnected, you can loosen the bolts and then carefully pull the panel off completely. Spark plug removal is the same as normal, but you will need an extension on the wrench to be able to reach them. As always, only remove the plugs when the engine is cold or you risk stripping the threads on the block. Replacing the panel can be slightly tricky to get all of the boots to align properly. I recommend squirting some WD-40 or silicone spray in the boot (make sure it's ok for the electronics and won't dissolve the rubber... it should be, but different products do different things) to ease sliding it on there. Tighten down the bolts and reattach the wiring and test the car to make sure it's running correctly.

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2005-12-27 14:25:31
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Q: Where are the spark plugs on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am 2.4 liter engine?
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What size gap for a 93 Pontiac Grand prix 3.4?

The 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.4 liter engine spark plug gap should be .028. Most spark plugs come pre-gapped from the manufacturer.

Where are the freeze plugs located on your 2003 Pontiac grand am gt?

Where are the freeze plugs on a 2003 pontiac grand am

How do you change spark plugs for 91 Pontiac grand prix?

how to chang spark plugs in a 1992 Pontiac grand prix

Where are the spark plugs located on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am Se 2.4L twin cam?

the sparks plugs are under the cover on top of the engine

2001 grand am se 2.4 cylinder1 is misfiring you changed the plugs and boots what else could it be?

There are several things that can cause your 2001 Pontiac Grand Am 2.4 liter engine to misfire. The next thing you should change will be the fuel injectors.

Are there spark plugs in a 2.2 liter Pontiac sunfire?


Where are the spark plugs located in a 1998 Pontiac grand am?

Under the aluminum cover on top of engine there are 2 coil packs-pull them up off of plugs.

What is the gap for a 2003 Pontiac grand am?

The factory spark plug gap is .050 w/ delco plugs

Where are the plug locations for 1997 Pontiac 2.7 liter motor?

First, spark plug locations? Second, are you sure it's a 2.7 liter? Is it a grand am? For a 97 grand am 2.4 there is a cover on top of the engine, unplug the wiring on the right (drivers side), unbolt the plate and carefully lift up. The plugs are in a row in that valley.

Where are spark plugs on 1998 Pontiac Grand Am?

on top of the engine there is a cover sheild. remove the cover by the four bolt. the plug boots will come with it, the spark plugs are down in the holes.

Where are the spark plugs on a 1994 Pontiac grand am 4cy?

Screwed into the head. Take off the metal cover on the top of the engine (4 bolts)and the plugs are under it there are not attached with wires but boots

What is the spark plug gap on 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 3.1 engine?

0.060 - at least from plugs Napa sells. Other plugs may have different gap or have preset gapping

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