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Take the door apart, unscrew the speaker and there are the wires. They run from there to the back of your stereo system. If you pull out your deck you can see the other ends there

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โˆ™ 2006-02-23 22:25:34
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Q: Where are the wires for a front speaker of a stereo system located and how can you access them?
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Where is the infinity amp location in a 97 grand caravan?

The 1997 Grand Caravan Infinity amp can be located behind the stereo system. The stereo system will need to be removed in order to access the amp.

Is an Orb speaker system good for hooking up to my stereo and surround sound?

Yes, You can set up a simple basic stereo system - for your computer with Orb.

The difference between Bose companion 5 multimedia speaker system and the Bose acoustimass 5 series iii speaker system?

The Bose Acoustimass is a powerful STEREO speaker system. Can be used for any home theater system as an add-on.While the Bose Companion 5 is a computer speaker system with an effect of a 5.1 CHANNEL on a three piece speaker.

What is the difference between a bookshelf stereo speaker and a wall mount speaker?

A bookshelf speaker system usually refers to two stereo speakers and a receiver that is small enough to sit on a bookshelf. Where as, a wall mount speaker system consists of at least five surround sound speakers mounted on the wall and a sub-woofer for deep clear bass preferably in a corner of the room.

Different Types of Stereo Speaker and Headphone?

These days, one has plenty of options when it comes to finding the right stereo speaker and headphone set. Before simply settling on the first set of speakers you see at the store, be sure to check out all of your options. The iHome 2-in-1 stereo speaker and headphone system is quite a steal. Online, you can pay anywhere from $20 to $30 for this high quality speaker system. The system is compatible with an iPhone and Macbook system. You can easily transfer all of your songs on iTunes onto this great speaker system. The sound quality of this system is also a winning feature. The sound comes out crisp and clear, making it a top choice over all other stereo speaker and headphone systems. For a great portable stereo, the Deep Bass stereo headphone set is a top choice in the market. The Deep Bass stereo has a small sound system that can be easily carried with one's hand. The blue leather headphones have a very comfortable fit and can provide you with a seamless listening journey. The adjustable headband is also a nice addition on the headphone set. It can be custom fitted to perfection. The Bluetooth Stereo Headphones system is also a popular choice these days. The Bluetooth Stereo Headphones system can be hooked up to your computer, home stereo, or mp3 player. There are two different types of headphone systems a person can get with this type of stereo system. One can buy speakers that cover over the entire ear or speakers that fit inside of the ear. When searching for a speaker system to meet your needs, be sure to find one that can sync with your online playlist. You want to be sure that you will be able to transfer all of your songs onto your new stereo. Also, check to make sure the quality of a sound system is good on a stereo. Some stereos are marked cheap for a reason. If a stereo is on sale, be sure to insist on trying it out before purchasing it. You may find that the sound system is incredibly cheap and does not have a clear sound.

What is Bluetooth with a2dp?

A2DP is an "audio profile" which can be used with bluetooth, it basically allows stereo sound to be transmitted between devices. In other words, if you have a bluetooth speaker system with A2DP & a cell phone with A2DP you would be able to send music, in stereo, from the cell phone to the speaker system.

How can one install the Bluetooth car speaker?

There is a very easy way for one to install the Bluetooth car speaker. One can install the Bluetooth car speaker by plugging the device into the car's built-in stereo system.

Where do you find a stereo wiring diagram and the location of the amplifiers on a 1994 Chrysler Town and Country van with the Infinity stereo system?

The amplifiers are on the infinity speakers. Each speaker has its own amp.

Can my old computer speakers be used by a stereo system if I want to buy new computer speakers?

Yes, as long as the stereo system has an speaker output that is the same as your computer speakers. (1/8th inch, 1/4 inch, etc)

What size are the speakers in a 1986 Ford F-250?

5"x7" for the dash speaker. This speaker was not equipped with stereo sound originally but LMC truck has dual voice speakers which can be used with any modern stereo system and comes with both left and right channels in one speaker. The door speakers are 5 1/4".

Can I replace the car speakers in my car, but keep the same stereo system in place?

Yes, all you have to do in this circumstance is reconnect the speaker cables to the speakers.

Where is the internal amp for the stereo system on the 1999 dodge durango located?

behind the glove box

What were the top selling stereo systems for 2011?

The top selling stereo systems for 2011 were Kenwood, Visio, LG and Sony. A cheap brand that had high sells volume was Emerson. Bose sells a really good stereo system/speaker set for cars and home entertainment.

Car stereo turns on but no sound?

Check speaker's connector on the other side of stereo system. If stereo system have fuses, check it also. If stereo system doesn't work anyway, I think, that stereo systems amplifier is broken.

What headphone help keep ouside noise out?

iHome iHMP5R 2 in 1 Stereo Speaker/Headphone System - Red help keep ouside noise out

Which is the best speaker system?

The best speaker system is the Klipschorn Floorstanding speaker. They cost about $4000.00 per speaker.

What is a reasonable price for a stereo system?

Depending on how high tech you would like your stereo system to be you can purchase one for $50 and up. To me a stereo system would be my ipod with speakers attached to it. It really depends on what type of stereo you are looking for.

Where is the power amp for the stereo on a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The amp is in the radio itself. If it's an Infinity system, each speaker has it's own separate amp.

Where are the factory amps located in a 94 Nissan Pathfinder?

Behind the rear cargo panel on the passenger side. If you have a 4 speaker system there will be one. If you have a 6 or 8 speaker system there will be 2. Hope this helps

Would a camaro sound good with a stereo system?

Any vehicle sounds good with a stereo system.

what is the meaning of system tray?

In Windows the area, usually on the bottom right of the screen, where the clock and speaker are located is called the Systray or system tray.

Connecting an iPod to the stereo can be done how?

An iPod can be connected to a stereo system for the purpose of playing music stored on the iPod with the quality of a stereo system. An iPod can be connected to a stereo either through a dock, or with the headphone jack on the iPod connected to the Aux In port of the stereo.

How do you unlock the stereo system of a 1999 buick regal ls without going to the dealer?

See if unhooking the battery terminals for a few minutes doesn't reset the system and allow access to the radio.

Can I use a turntable on my computer as well as my stereo system?

yes , you can use a turntable on my computer as well as my stereo system

Can you run XM and Sirius through one stereo system?

Yes, you can run XM and Sirius through one stereo system.