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It is common knowledge that financial assistance is available to almost anyone wishing to pursue a college degree. However, while the money may be there, it is up to the student or prospective student to search the assistance out. There are many sites that you can visit - such as the link provided by the above contributor. Still, understand the following. Be advised - in terms of scholarships grants offered within the school etc. -remember a college or university will always run out of money before it runs out of eligible candidates. This means always apply early! So many individuals will ask, "What is the deadline for applying?" The more appropriate question would be, "how soon can I apply?" Before any scholarship is seriously considered, the school will always require the candidate to apply for Financial Aid first which is based on a determined need. If the need exceeds the available funds offered by Financial Aid, then Scholarships and/or Guaranteed student loans would be in order. However, always make the student loan the last of the alternatives. Remember, a student loan will have to be paid back at a later date. While scholarships may be researched across the internet, there are also scholarships that are particular to the college or university. Some of these funds are offered by county and/or state agencies, corporations, alumni organizations and private sources. The best thing to do is ask the Financial Aid office at a school of interest to you for their scholarship application. When filling this document out, indicate that you are applying for any scholarship you may qualify for. The Financial Aid support staff will attempt to match your qualifications up with the available resources. This will save you time, and energy while minimizing stress. The time to start is now! When applying for Financial Aid, it is better to do it online rather than in paper and pencil. Processing your application online will usually render an answer within a two week period, where applying by snail mail may not give you the result until four to six weeks or longer. When applying online, you will have to apply for a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is a number that is particular to you and one you keep for life. The PIN enables you to sign documentation electronically. If you are a dependant, your parent/guardian will also have to apply for a PIN. Go to and apply for the PIN. You will be given the PIN within a couple of days by email. Once you have secured your PIN, you may then go to and apply for Financial Aid. Once again, you should receive an answer within a couple of weeks. Any college or university will then be able to access your information and marry it up with your intended program of study and course credit load per semester. Viper1

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Q: Where can I find qoutes regarding scholarships?
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