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You can purchase a DVR recorder at many places and most DVR recorders will come with your television set or with your cable or satellite TV provider. You can purchase a DVR online however at

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Run component cables (red,whit and yellow) from the DVR "video out" (yellow) to the "video in" of the DVD recorder. That will send the picture to the DVD recorder. If your DVR or DVD recorder does not have the yellow video out or in as described, use the "S video" out of the DVR to the "S video" in of the DVD recorder. The red and white jacks are for sound....out of the DVR to the audio in of the DVD recorder.

Bosch looks like it may be a good brand of DVR recorder. They have plenty of functions, good price and is a reputible company. You can purchase it at any majoe electronics store and also online.

Basically, yes, TiVo is a type of DVr recorder. It allows you to record shows while you are not home or simply watching another channel on the same set; just as a dvr recorder.

The full form of DVR is Digital Video Recorder.

A DVR recorder would be your best bet.

A TiVo DVR is a digital video recorder made to be used with a TiVo service. The best place to purchase a TiVo DVR would be from the TiVo website. You can also buy these receivers online at Amazon.

Some cable / satellite providers let you rent a unit for about 10 dollars / month. You can also purchase a DVD disk recorder with a built in hard drive which acts as a DVR though those units are disappearing. Tivo is a DVR.

A DVR recorder can be bought from an electronics store such as Best Buy or can be acquired from a cable provider with your cable package for a small fee.

The DVR or digital video recorder was invented in 1997. Anthony Wood created the DVR through his company ReplayTV.

Yes, of Digital Video Recorder.

Yes, you can do this. You hook up your DVD recorder up directly to the DVR.

The best DVR recorder you can buy for $300.00 might be include in a packaged deal with verizon or times warner cable. You can check their sites to confirm.

You can connect the output of your DVR in a DVD recorder, such as the Samsung DVD-VR375. This will record your DVR programs directly to DVD.

There's no way to save videos off a DVR on to a disc. However, if you have a computer and a Tuner/Digital Recorder card (separate purchase required,) it's possible to record the videos on to your computer and then save them to a disc. Of course, how successful you are depends on your DVR brand and model, so please consult further before making a purchase decision.

There are a number of different retailers where one can purchase a DVR camera system. One can purchase this item online at websites such as Lorex Technology, DVR, and CCTV Camera Pros.

Connect the DVR to a DVD-R recorder, via the AV/SCART sockets. Monitor what is going on by connecting the TV to the DVD-R recorder. Playback the show on the DVR and press 'record' on the DVD recorder. The recording is made in real time and is therefore slow, but it works. You can substitute the DVD recorder with a computer, suitably equipped with a Recordable DVD drive and video capture card or dongle.

yes, that is exactly what it means

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Obviously the role of the storage devices is to store the recorded video.

A satellite DVR uses about 80 watts. This value can be found where the plug in cord meets the chassis of the recorder.

You can purchase a Tivo DVR they are very easy to program and use.

tivo is a service you pay for its a dvr but its just called tivo and a dvr is a digital video recorder theres more than just tivo available. theres dvr boxes where you dont have to pay anything. hope it helps you

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. So a DVR camera is just a digital video camera capable of recording video. I hope this answers your query and good luck

In Ottawa, one can purchase DVR systems in most electronics stores, including Best Buy and Radio Shack. One can also purchase DVR systems through the Ottawa Time Warner Cable company.