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Where can a 12 year old find a job?


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2015-07-22 06:35:47
2015-07-22 06:35:47

You cant get a paycheck job but if you have the right tools you can mow lawns. and if you don't then try pet sitting. good luck!

But you can also babysit for kids, or be a mothers helper. You can also just help clean your own room! You can also get a job at McDonald's when you turn 14 so just help your mom:) There are several ways you can do this including: * Looking in magazines/job centres/newspapers/online (<----- be careful with online vacancies) * Ask family and friends to listen out for suitable vacancies * Advertise in shops (do not give any personal contact information unless absolutely necessary, and if you do, TELL A PARENT OR GUARDIAN) * Visit your nearest Connexions centre or the Connxeions centre if you are between 13-19 years old * Help around the house (chores) * Ask friends parents if you can do anything for them or relatives * Knock on doors (be careful and take an adult with you) or post leaftlets (make sure you have a license if required)


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mowing grass is a good option.

nowhere your 12 the only job your going to get is at a yard sale

No,because I know twelve year olds that cannot find a summer job.

a good job for a 12 year old would be baby sitting.

No, plumbing is a prohibited job for 12 years old.

I am 12 as well and am looking if i can find a job apparentley a job at a horse farm is allowed at &pound;5 an hour but i am not sure i will keep you updated if i find anything

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no one under age can find a job in mablethorpe because it's a small town and about and its an old town

A golf course, caddying, or you can cut lawns.

sell candy at school or sell random stuff. im also 12 and i really need a job aswell!

yes you could get a job at 12 but not in all states

my answer is "No" 12 years old can not get job in Australia Because 12 years age is Prohibited for work.

12 year old can get a job but why would u wana you need to be freee

12 year old boys can not have jobs yet. You have to wait until your thirteen or fourteen and then you can get a summer job or an after school job.

You can try flyers or posting online! im 12 years old and i already made $300 pet sitting!

A 12 year old cannot find or make money online. Minimum age is 18 years old Only experienced workers are able to effectively work or telecommute from home.

No! of course not! to get a job you need to be 16+

no i think you have to be 14 to get a job

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