Where can a 12 year old find a job?

You cant get a paycheck job but if you have the right tools you can mow lawns. and if you don't then try pet sitting. good luck!

But you can also babysit for kids, or be a mothers helper. You can also just help clean your own room! You can also get a job at McDonald's when you turn 14 so just help your mom:) There are several ways you can do this including: * Looking in magazines/job centres/newspapers/online (<----- be careful with online vacancies) * Ask family and friends to listen out for suitable vacancies * Advertise in shops (do not give any personal contact information unless absolutely necessary, and if you do, TELL A PARENT OR GUARDIAN) * Visit your nearest Connexions centre or the Connxeions centre if you are between 13-19 years old * Help around the house (chores) * Ask friends parents if you can do anything for them or relatives * Knock on doors (be careful and take an adult with you) or post leaftlets (make sure you have a license if required)