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Where can a 13-year-old find a job in Georgia?

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you can try help out people in your neiborhood,you could try mowing lawns, or babysitting or taking care of someone's pet that is about all a 13 year old can do as a job well i hope this answer works ok No, not a formal job. Interestingly, Georgia state law only requires you to be 12 years of age. But federal law supercedes state law, and the U.S. federal law requires kids to be at least 14 years old.

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Im 13 and you want a job in Mckinney?

In McKinney or have to be older than 13 to have a job. most kids here just like to have fun. that's why 13yearold kids don't have a job.

Where could one find jobs working for the City of Fairburn in Georgia?

One could find jobs working for the City of Fairburn in Georgia on websites such as Indeed, Fairburn, Yahoo, Job Monster, Georgia, Snaga Job, Fairburn Georgia or Simply Hired.

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Where can one find information about Georgia Southern jobs?

One can find information about Georgia Southern jobs on the official job website of Georgia. On that website there is much information to be gathered about jobs in the region.

Did Georgia O'Keeffe have a job?

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How old do you have to be to have a job in Georgia?

in a state Georgia or in a country

Where can a 14-year-old girl find a job in Hiram Georgia?

newspaper route?

Where in Georgia can I find Locum Tenens psychiatry jobs?

There is a site dedicated to finding you a job. Go to and you can search for the nearest job openings and how to contact them.

If you quit your job in New York state because of husbands job transfer to Georgia can you collect unemployment if you can not find a job?

No, I don't think so. You quit a job and that is why I say you can't. Check with the unemployment office.

Can you have a summer job in Georgia when you are 13?

Yes, but it depends on what job it is.

Where can you find a local job guide for Atlanta GA?

Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia and it always has a variety of job positions open. One of the places you can find a local job guide for Atlanta is a weekly magazine called Creative Loafing Atlanta.

Where can a 14 yr old find a job in Macon Georgia?

Mow lawns in your neighborhood. Good money and no real overhead.

How many medals did Georgia get in the olympic games?

georgia is on the 12th place.good job

Can you get a job at the age of 14 in Atlanta Georgia?

How do I get a Job at the age of 14

Where can two mature 13 year old girls find a job in Georgia?

13 Year olds cannot legally get jobs. The minimum age in the US is fourteen to get a job.

Where can you find the history of Georgia?

u can find the history of Georgia on the internet

If There is this 13yearold who you think likes some one do you get her to like you?

Just be yourself, it worked for me. good luck

If you quit a job in Georgia do you get vacation pay?


What is the most popular job in Georgia?


How does inmate go about getting married in Georgia?

Get out of jail. Rehab yourself. Get a good job. Find a nice person if any will have you and go to the courthouse.

Where can I find nursing scholarships in Georgia?

You can find scholarships through the Georgia Nurses Association found at - Similar. You can also go to to find out about all of the nursing scholarships and grants in Georgia.

What states have job openings in boiler operator jobs?

There are currently job openings for boiler operators in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and several other states. You can find job openings for boiler operators in almost all of the continental 50 states.

If you live in gwinnett county Georgia and buy job materials in dekalb county Georgia whos sales tax do you pay?

A wondreful job. Super helpful information.

How can a 12 year old boy find a job in Georgia USA?

Try reading this artcle: It has a lot of information on how to get a job. Also, it has some useful advice you could use in the future.

What are the jobs in Georgia?

There are many jobs in Georgia. Atlanta is home to the Coca-Cola Corporation, which employs many people. Rural Georgia has many peanut farmers and peach orchards where people can work. And, of course, there are all the usual job opportunities that one would find in any state.