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Well in AZ it is not legal to get a job unless you have your legal guardian to sign alot of papers.

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Q: Where can a 14 year old get a job in AZ?
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Where in mesa AZ can you get a job at age 14?

where can i get a job as the age 14 and living in mesa AZ

Where can a 15 year old get a job in Tucson AZ?

Where Can a 17 year old find a job in Phoenix AZ?

Lots of places...depends on what kind of job you are looking for... Chick-fil-a hires as early as 15 years old.

Are there jobs in Tucson Az for 13 or 14 year olds?

Are there jobs for 14 year Olds in tucson

Where in tucson AZ is there job for 16 year olds?


How old do you have to be to get a job in Tucson AZ?

Same as anywhere in this country, 16. =)

Can a 16 year old get married to a 19 year old in AZ?

With parental permission, a 16 year old can get married.

Where can a 14 year old work in Phoenix AZ?

In Phoenix, Arizona, 14 year olds may be able to work in theme parks in housekeeping in hotels. They may be able to work in animal shelters, as well.

Is it a crime in AZ if a 12 year old kissed a 5 year old?

No, not if that was ALL that was involved.

What is it for 15 year old boys to do in AZ?


What places in Scottsdale AZ hire 14 year olds?


What job can a 12 year old get in Phoenix AZ?

Pull weeds, walk dogs, pick up poop, baby sitting, wash windows

How old does a minor have to be in AZ to watch siblings?

14 years of age is the minimum age for employment of any kind in AZ.

Where can an eleven year old girl get a job in mesa AZ?

You're just a kid. You're probably not going to have many options. However, maybe a farm?

Where can 14 year-olds work at mervyn's in phoenix AZ?

They Cant

Are there any casinos where an 18 year old can gamble in AZ?


Jobs for 14 yr old in Mesa AZ?

14 year olds in Mesa, Arizona can offer babysitting help to families in their neighborhood. They may also be able to work at summer camps.

Where can a thirteen year old get a job in AZ?

well you can always do lawn care and stuff like that. your not going to get a job at saya gas station or any thing cus child labore laws prohibit it

What jobs can a 14-year-old get in Arizona?

Okay so, In AZ you can work at many places like Safe Way and stuff like that! Movies theaters, ball parks, that general stuff

Can a 12 year old babysit in Az?

With permission both parties-sure.

Can your parents force you to give up your baby for adoption at 14 yrs old in AZ?

Legally no. You are the guardian of the child.

How much circumcision cost for a 2 year old in phx AZ?

several hundred dollars.

What year did Spain explorers arrive in AZ?

What year did Spanish explores arrive in az

I quit my job A for job B two month later job B let me go job A was in KY and job B AZ Can I collect unemployment . From KY or AZ .?

You can collect from Arizona because that is the place you were fired in.

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