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Best bets:

- call up to find out who organises local paper dilivery / money collection

- check out supermarkets, they usually train and hire a lot of teens

- check at small businesses or shops (not usually family-run stores)

- check the classifieds in the newspaper

- mow lawns or ask family friends for odd jobs

- find something seasonal eg. picking apples or grapes

- Pizza or takeaway stores

- design web sites over the internet for payment (my little bro did this at 15 and made a killing >.< not fair)

- check at restaurants for dish washers etc

NOTE: Make sure it is a job you wouldn't mind sticking at for a few years. At your age, DO NOT choose night-fill (restocking shelves at supermarkets). Also, choose a casual job, they give you the most leniency and are best for starters, and you can change your employment later if necessary.

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