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Q: Where can a 15 year old male get a job in Yeadon after school or weekends?
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How many weekends are in a school year?

its 80 because if you were to have 40 weeks in a school year time that by 2 and turn it into days.

Did obama say that kids should go to school on weekends?

Not so much weekends. He is saying the school year might need to be longer or more hours per day.

How many days a year do Australian children go to school?

180 days in an average Australian school year ; if you minus weekends & holidays

How many days are there in a school year without weekends?

about 180

List of jobs for 14 year olds in leeds?

is there any jobs going for a 14 year old because am bored on weekends and after school ..???

How long can 14 and 15 year olds work during a non school day?

3 hous on a school night and to 9:00 on the weekends

What time of the year is London tourism busiest?

It is busiest in summer, at weekends, in good weather and during school holidays.

Were in west Sussex can a 15 year old boy find a job for after school or weekends?

Sonic, Local Grocery Store

How does year round schooling work?

Well its the same as regular school exept you dont have any vacataion but you do get to have weekends off.

How many weekends in the year 2012?

52½ weekends (52 Saturdays and 53 Sundays)

Where can a fourteen year old boy that lives in Virginia Beach Virginia get a job after school and on the weekends?

a pantee maker a pantee maker

What are the curfew laws for Tennessee on the weekends?

Is there a curfew for 16 year old in tenessee, what time on weekends

How many weekends are there in a year?

In one year there are 52 weekends and 104 weekend days (52 joint and 104 loose)

What year will October have 5 weekends?


How many weekends the year 2011?


How much sleep should 11 year girl?

9 or 10 hours on school nights to function properly but on weekends it shouldn't really matter.

What time should 12 year olds get out of bed?

a twelve year old should wake up and get out of bed on a school morning at 7:00am and in weekends 9:00-10:00 am

How long is a school year in america?

School years generally have to be 180 days long (not counting weekends or holidays...students must just attend 180 schooldays in one year, but school years actually last longer than 180 days since there are weekends and we have a few breaks during the year as well). Most schools will start sometime between mid August and early September, and end between late May and mid June. So the school year usually ends up lasting just a little over 9 months. And then we get about 2 1/2 months off for summer break in between school years.

Where can a 11 year old girl work at weekends?

no where

How many weekends are in a year?

Well, there are 52 weeks in a year so therefore there are 52 weekends! 52 weeks in a year. 2 days of each weekend day * 52. 104 weekend DAYS. So there are 52 weekends but 104 days in a weekend (saturday & sunday). This does not include leap years.

How many weeks are in a Texas high school year?

There is a minimum required 180 days in a school year for Texas, so divided by 5 days a week, that is around 36 weeks. With 4 day weekends etc. I would go with around 35 to be safe.

How many hours per week can an 18 year old work if still in school?

Legally, the same amount as an adult(48) but as you are still attending school you would have to take the hours you are in school for into consideration. So let's say you can work from five pm onward on weekdays and 9am onwards on weekends. You could work all of them hours as that is legal but you might not want to work that early on weekends after getting up early for your school.

How Can you 13 year old find a job for after school and on weekends?

go to a local fast food place and ask if there hireing or if you can do some work like cleaning up.

What is curfew law in LaGrange Highlands Illinois for a 16 year old?

The Curfew for a 16 yr old in the LaGrange area is 12AM on weekends or while school is not in session.

How do you audition for fetch with rough roughman if you live in California?

Fetch is in Boston, Massachusetts. To be on the show, you are required to be able to spend a few school year weekends and summer in Boston.