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== == State of Utah Government -

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Q: Where can a new Buy Here Pay Here dealership in Utah look for information on the repossession of vehicles?
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What recourse does a used car dealership have if they need to repossess a vehicle in Texas for non payment but cannot locate it?

A dealership willnot need to repossess a vehicle in any state unless it is a buy here pay here type dealership. If this is the case, the dealer should contact a local, private repossession company. Find one of the larger possible companies, this will offer more resources. Then leave it to them. It could take some time, but if you give them all the information you have on the debtor, they will find and secure your car.

Can you get your car back after repossession for no insurance from a buy here pay here?

no you can not sory

Best information on electronic vehicles?

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What are the repossession laws in Arkansas?

click here state website

Can a dealership file repo on you if you didn't make a down payment?

If the dealership holds the title (Buy Here, Pay Here) then yes. If the bank you financed it with already has the title and you have your tags, then no. The dealership can, however, place a judgment on you for the amount of the down payment.

How do you take out the vehicle anti theft system in an 2003 Chevrolet Malibu?

This forum is NOT here to give any information regarding anything that is illegal or immoral. If the dealership wishes to share the information then that is okay by us.

How does a buy here pay her car dealership finance their cars?

Depends on the car dealership in itself and where the lady signed the contract from

Do you have to pay after repossion?

Depending on the laws of the state you live in, you will have to pay the following charges: 1. The payments you're past due. 2. The repossession fee charged by the lender or dealership (if a buy here pay here). 3. The tow charge. Depending on the flexibility of the lender or dealership that repo'ed your vehicle, you may be able to set up some kind of additional payment plan or try moving a payment or two to the end of your current loan. Good Luck!

How long does a buy here pay here keep their titles on record for repossession?

wutlol. your question makes no sense. english please

What are repossession laws on mobile homes in Alabama?

The re-possession Laws in any state are quite complex. Certainly far too complicated to explain here. You should go to the DMV and get more information from them.

What type of business is Buy Here Pay Here?

The term "Buy Here Pay Here" pertains to a particular method of running a car dealership. With this method the dealership provides the credit for the purchaser. The "Buy Here Pay Here" is geared for those with poor credit history and usually requires a high interest rate for payments.

how does a buy here pay here car dealership work?

Basically, instead of going through the process of getting a loan from a bank, the dealership holds the lien and lets you pay them directly against what you owe.

What is the best car dealership in Beverly MA?

In my experience, Kelly Nissan of Beverly is the best car dealership here in Beverly. Here's their information: Kelly Nissan Of Beverly Rt 1A 420 Cabot Street Beverly, MA 01915 (978) 922-1405 ‎

What are the top rated hybrid cars of 2013?

Edmunds provides extensive information on hybrid vehicles at If you are looking for a hybrid you can compare models here as well as get reviews for vehicles and see the top rated models.

Where can I get a quick auto loan?

First start with a local car dealership. If that doesn't work then try your local bank, especially if you've had a long relationship with them. You can also try a buy here pay here dealership.

How could you get a repossession license in Hawaii?

Here the link. I hope this help.

How long does a repossession stay on your credit report after bankruptancy?

Type your answer here... in the USA, 7 to 10 years

Where can you get a car financed if you have had a car repossessed?

This is difficult but not impossible. Depending on the time that has elapsed since the repossession, it can get easier. Immediately after the repossession, you may have to go to a "Buy here/Pay here" dealership. Most of these are very willing to take a chance on anyone with a job. If you take this route, keep all receipts of payment, record all payments in a separate ledger, and make every payment on time. Several months to several years after the repossession, most local banks will write a loan for you. Develop a relationship with a local, independent bank. Have accounts there, and if possible borrow small amounts and pay them back before you try for the auto loan. Several years to decades after the repossession most prime lenders like GMAC, Ford Motor Credit, Nissan Acceptance, Toyota, etc. will not write paper. It is not impossible, but it is unlikely.

Who can you contact to turn in a name and address of a car that is being looked for for repossession?

There are two assumptions here: you know the vehicle is up for repossession. You either have seen the repo truck crusing around for it, or the repo agent has made contact with you. Either way, you know the name of the repossession agency, call them or make contact with their driver. Or, you know the person and know they are late or defaulted on their payment. If you do not know the name of the lender, you can get this information from the DMV using the VIN from the vehicle. It will cost you, but stay tuned. When you make contact with the lender or the repossession company, ask for a finder's fee before you give any information. Let them know you want half up front, and you will take the driver to the vehicle, where you want the other half. Settle for no less than $200.00. Give no information until you are certain you will be paid.

Where can I find more information on fleet management systems?

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What to do when car is repossessed by financial company when payments where never in default and made to car dealer?

You are are describing a "Driver here, Pay here" situation. DHPH dealerships are notorious for doing this. And it is illegal. It is wrongful repossession. Here's what you do:Take you proof of payments to the dealership, cancelled check, money order receipts, or payment receipts from the dealership.Demand the return of the vehicle or one of greater value immediately if the other vehicle has already been resold. This under the same, existing contract.If the dealership gives you any difficulty, or stalls in any way, notify them that you are going straight to the prosecutor's office with your proof.Do Not, give them your copies. Provide copies for them, but show them the originals. If you must go to the prosecutor, do so immediately after leaving the dealership. Be prepared to contact your local television news agency too.

Is the lender required by law to notify you of the date and place of a private sale or auction? go here and search on repossession

How does a buy here pay here car dealership finance their cars to the public?

They pretty much let you buy the car on credit through them.

Do red vehicles get into more motor vehicle accidents than other colored vehicles?

ASK AN ACTUARY -- too complex to answer here.

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