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Where can i find a copy of dmc2.ocx file?

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Answered 2008-01-12 20:53:16 posted by Black Widowmaker! But i have also a few questions: Does docs exist? Can this ocx play mp3s? and how? Anwers please to: thanks

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List of three steps to make copy of a file?

Find the File -> Ctrl + C (or right click and copy) -> Find the Directory you want to paste the file in -> Paste the file. Sorry to do 4 steps you can easily combine the last two.

How do you resolve the problem cannot copy cannot find the specified file make sure you specify the correct path and file name?

you resolve the problem copy find the specified file make sure you specify the correct path and file name

What is the most reliable way to download a file?

making a copy making a copy of the file. of t making a copy of the file. he file.

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When i copy a copies..

How can you copy a text clip from a desktop and copy it to your Android phone notepad?

You can try File Expert, a file management app on Android phone. Open File Expert and find the picture you want to copy, tick it and click More Choices button at the bottom. Then you can copy or move it to anywhere you'd like to on your phone.

When you copy a file you place a copy of the file in the temporary storage called?


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BY create an uncompressed copy of a file I asume you mean make a copy of the compressed file and have the copy be uncompressed. all you need to do is unzip it.

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Here's the code: @echo off copy "Location of Batch File" "Location to copy file into" exit

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A hard copy is usually a printed version of a digital file, also known as a soft copy. To make a hard copy of a soft copy file you would need to scan and upload it as a digital file.

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Find the Folder of your Warcraft 3 in Program Files then there will be a File on that File Called Maps then Copy your Maps from the My Documents then find the File Called Downloads then Paste your Maps into the File I Told

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copy file filecopy

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Contact the probate office in the county were the testator died. Get a copy of the death certificate and ask to see this person's probate file. A copy of the will should be in the file.

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copy command is used to make a copy of file or copycon is used to write a file

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File copy A, the red copy, with form 1096.

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you simply can not copy it. the owner copyrights the file so you can not steal it.

How can you copy contacts from your phone to Gmail?

You can copy contacts from your phone to Gmail. You can copy contacts into a CSV file. Then load the file into Gmail.

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you can find converters for that at

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Find the place where the file is saved and use a memory stick.

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In computer terms, it's called a backup file. A backup file is a copy of the original file and is used to replace the original file if it becomes corrupted.

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Just another copy of the file.

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No. Drag and drop is when you drag a file then drop it into the destination folder. You have moved a file from one place to another. Copy and paste is when you copy a file then paste it into a different location. The original file still remains where it was, but there is how a copy of it elsewhere as well.

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You can copy a file into Gmail account via attachments. These attachments can be combined with Gmail. They can carry any kind of file with them.

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