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Where can i find a free Emission control layout for a 1985 corvette on the internet?

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Will a cavilier work with a 2010 Corvette engine?

Is it possible? Sure. But it's going to require a whole lot more than a simple drop-in swap. For one, the Cavalier is a front engine, front wheel drive car with a transverse engine, whereas the 2010 Corvette had an FMR layout with a longitudinal engine and a transaxle... you're not going to fit the Corvette engine into the Cavalier in a transverse layout, and you would have to lengthen the frame, hood, and engine compartment to get it to work in a longitudinal layout. Then you'd have to swap the transmission, as the Corvette engine would wreck the Cavalier transmission, you'd probably have to put a live axle in the rear of the Cavalier, and make it a rear wheel drive car... Let's face it, this isn't going to happen.

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Go to an auto parts store or bookstore and buy a Haynes manual. It will be the best investment you can make in regards to your car.

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which one do you want to know the one in the dash on passenger side or the one under the knee bolster

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