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Where can i find a high top roof for ford transit lwb 2.5 diesel 1998?

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ive got one £250 & full ht rear doors £200 s/eeast uk 07979793165

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Where is the ecu located in a 1999 Ford Transit diesel?

This is the USA we con't have Ford transit diesel vehicles here.

Ford Transit diesel pump is leaking diesel can you fix it?

l have a 52 transit it was leaking diesel when running had pump fixed 640

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1998 Ford Transit?

haynes manual. halfords £20

How do you drain petrol from your diesel ford transit van?

90How do I drain petrol from my transit connect

What is mpg on ford transit 2.5 diesel 1999?


How many mile does a Ford Transit do when the diesel light comes on?

How many mile does a ford transit do when the diesel light comes on?Read more: How_many_mile_does_a_ford_transit_do_when_the_diesel_light_comes_on

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Ford Transit diesel 1975?

66 kW (90 ps) is the power of the ford transit diesel 1975 engine and its maximum speed is 60 mph.

Does ford transit 2.5 diesel have glow plugs?

no glow plugs

How many miles does a ford transit connect do when diesel light comes on?

I just done 60 miles on red light in a 1999 ford transit van

What is the fuel tank capacity of diesel ford transit 1999?

68 litres

Why do rocker shaft bolts break on a ford transit diesel?

heat fatigue.

Where can i find an online Diagram for a Wiring Harness for a Ford Transit Diesel 2.5 Litre.Twin Wheeler 1500k?

you wont find an online diagram unless you join a transit forum and it's been 'posted' on said forum

Picture of Ford Transit 2.4 turbo diesel?

Pictures of the Ford 2.4 liter Turbo diesel engine, can be obtained from most local libraries. Pictures of the diesel engine can also be found at most Ford dealerships.

What isFuel capacity Ford Transit 1996 diesel how many liters of diesel can the fuel tank hold?

68 litres

Why does your ford transit diesel 2402cc 350 lwb 120psi engine rattle but run fine?

Diesel engines rattle. They all do.

What is the tappet clearance on a ford transit 2.5 lt diesel?

If Its A Early 2.5 Transit......008 (203mm) Inlet..........014 (356mm) Exhaust

How do you set tappet valves on a transit ford 2.4 diesel engine?

you dont they are hydraulic ,there is no adjustment

Does a 2003 ford transit 2.5 turbo diesel have a timing belt or a timing chain?

A timing belt.

Ford transit 2.5 diesel how many miles to gallon does it do on a r reg model?

30 mpg

Where can you find wiring diagram for Ford Mondeo 2004 diesel?

Where can I find clima wiring diagram for ford mondeo 2004 diesel?

What brake horse power is a ford transit 150?

What horse power is my Ford Transit? I've got the registration certificate and can't find it on there.

Oil capacity for 1998 Ford E350 diesel?

14 quarts

How do you find electrical schematic diagrams for a ford transit connect?

Do an Internet search for a 2010 Ford Transit Connect Body Builders Layout Book.

When was Ford Transit created?

Ford Transit was created in 1965.

What size battery does a 2003 ford transit 2.0 diesel use?

A 017 battery normally costing around £79.95