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Where can i find a picture of the food guide pyramid?

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I stumbled upon your question while I was doing my own research. I'd like to share what I found. Check the picture out here:

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Where can you find a picture of the food guide pyramid?

you can find the food prymaid by going to google,pressing images then you type in food prymaid

Where can I find more information on food guide pyramid?

The Food & Drug Administration has recently changed to food pyramid. For a visual picture, as well as a comprehensive explanation on how to use the pyramid, go to their web site at

Where can I go to find a picture of the food pyramid?

You can go find a picture of the food pyramid at this website: It also lists what each level of the food pyramid means, too.

When was Food guide pyramid created?

Food guide pyramid was created in 1974.

Where can I find pictures of the food pyramid?

You can find a picture of a food pyramid at most of your health food sites. There is an old and new diagram out now. To find where Egyptian foods are in the pyramid check out a health food site.

Where can I see a food guide pyramid?

The Food Guide Pyramid has been replaced with a Food plate, however, the original food pyramid can be seen here

How many food groups are reprsented in the food guide pyramid?

Six food groups are on the food pyramid .

Where can I go to learn more about the Food Pyramid?

To learn more about the Food Pyramid go to This site shows a picture of the pyramid. Below the pyramid there is an explanation of the foods you should eat each day and the amounts. It is a very good guide to healthy eating.

Why did they change the food guide pyramid?

To add exercise for one reason. Also, picture yourself running up the pyramid. This is probably not the whole reason, but if you do not exercise, the food you eat will most likely turn into "FAT!"

What food group is garlic in in the food guide pyramid?


Who can use a food GUIDE pyramid?


Where can I find the most up-to-date food pyramid? has a really good picture of the food pyramid. Also, the food pyramid is updated every 5 or so years

Where can I find out more about food guide pyramid?

You can learn about the food guide pyramid by looking at any heath, diet and good book or magazine at your local public library. Also, be sure that you are researching the most up to date, revised chart.

What area of the food guide pyramid is mustard in?

mustard is acutally an herb, but you might find it under condiments condiments are not part of the food pyramid. The food pyramid consists of grains and breads, vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats and protein, and oils/fats.

How can the food pyramid be used to guide your food choices?

by dividing by pi

Is there four tiers in the food guide pyramid?


New food guide pyramid?

* well what is a food guide pyramid.? * what does it mean.? * how long has it been around.? * will it ever change.? * how many food's are in the fat.oils. and sweet section.? *

What is the purpose of the food guide pyramid and how might the child care center use the pyramid?

The Food Guide Pyramid helps by providing practical food guidelines to people so that they will apply the nutrient standards to plan a healthy balanced diet.

How can the food guide pyramid help plan a healthy diet?

On the food guide pyramid there is a part that tells you how many servings you should take a day from each part of the pyramid that can help you plan an healthy diet.

Where can I find out more about usda food guide pyramid?

The food pyramid is always changing, as the USDA is always making updates to it. The best way to keep track of the changes as well as staying on top of what to eat is by going to; It provides you with the food guide, and a bunch of other useful information.

Which governmental group is responsible for creating the food guide pyramid?

The USDA is responsible for creating the modern food pyramid. However the first food pyramid was created in Sweden in the 1970s.

The Food Guide Pyramid is updated every years?


Who made the food guide pryimide?

The first food guide pyramid was made by Anna-Britt Agnsäter for Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare in 1972. The USDA pyramid was based off of the original pyramid and was introduced in 1992.

How many food groups make up the Food Guide Pyramid?

There are 6 groups in the food pyramid. They are Oils, Dairy, Proteins, Vegetables, Fruit, and Grains

What Food categoriess are in the food pyramid?

The food guide pyramid contains 5 categories: grains vegetables fruits meats milk and beans Some pyramids may contain a cateogry for sweets/fats, but those are only to be used sparingly and aren't necessarily a part of the food pyramid. However, the Food and Drug Administration no longer used food guide pyramid and has replaced it with a plate icon.