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Where can you buy a new barrel for an Iver Johnson 22?

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What model?

2006-08-12 18:01:07
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Q: Where can you buy a new barrel for an Iver Johnson 22?
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Are there pictures of Iver Johnson pistols?

I have pictures of my Iver Johnson M-55 and the original ad when it sold for $26.95 brand new in the box. I also can attach pics of my Iver Johnson M-55, if that is the model you are interested in. Until Next Time - dthomas

What is the value of a Iver Johnson shotgun?

That will depend on which Iver Johnson you have. The one most commonly encountered is the single shot Champion which will range from $25 for a parts gun to $150 in like-new condition. If it has a matted rib, add $25 in all grades. If it has a ventilated rib, those prices nearly double. Then there are the Skeeter Model and the Super Trap, both single shots which run from $375 to $1100. A Hercules Grade side by side double barrel lists from $250 to $550 and the Silver Shadow, an over-under double barrel manufactured in Italy for Iver Johnson, lists from $150 to $350.

Where can you find a new or good used barrel for an Iver Johnson 22 Trailsman autoloader pistol?

Try these sources: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

How old is an Iver Johnson target 22 pistol model 55 A?

I might be able to help with your question .... "How old is and Iver Johnson 22 model 55 A ? . I purchased a new in 44 years ago in June of 1963.

Need year of Iver Johnson Trailsman 22LR Pistol sn-FG14059?

The Iver Johnson New Trailsman was made between 1985-1991.That is the best that I can do.The serial numbers per year of production are not available in the public domain.

Where can you find a stock and butt for an Iver Johnson Champion 410 and how do you fix the sight at the end of the barrel?

Try Numrich Arms or Jack First -- On that Front Sight -- Not sure what you need to do, but the typical fix is to drill it 6x48 and install a new bead sight.

Need a braek down manual for a 410 shot gun Iver Johnson?

Unfortunately, manuals for guns are a fairly new thing, and Iver Johnson has been out of business for some years. If you leave a message on my message board with a description of the gun, will try to help- but there ARE no manuals for many guns- never had them.

What is the value of an antique Iver Johnson 32 caliber revolver serial 77029?

In the case of guns, "antique" has a legal meaning- made before 1899. The value of your Iver Johnson will be based on the exact model and the condition. Although well made, these were not high $$$ guns when new. Value could be anywhere from $50 to $300 (for a perfect new-in-box specimen)

What is value of Iver Johnson Hercules Smokeless double barrel 12 gauge shotgun Pat'd Mar 16 1915 Apr 27 1915?

This gun cannot be sold without a license. It is too new so you would not be able to just sell it to someone or to a pawn broker.

How much would it be for a New Iver Johnson 12 gauge shotgun?

As far as I know, they don't make new ones, only 1911 45acp's and M1's, etc.

What is the value of a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun patented in 1915?

If the date is April 20, it was made by Stevens. If it is June 15, it's an Iver Johnson product. If it's something else, we would need to know what other markings are on the gun to identify the maker, but any utility double barrel is worth from $25 if it's rusted or busted up to $250 if it is in new condition.

When was the new Long Range Winner shotgun made?

This was a trade name sold by Sears Roebuck, c. 1900-1940. Probably manufactured by Iver Johnson.

What are 2 new 1984 Iver Johnson Pony 380 60th Anniversary Border Patrol Comm with consecutive numbers worth?

approx 700 ea.

What year did Woody Johnson buy the New York Jets?

Woody Johnson bought the New York Jets on January 18, 2000.

Where would you get parts and a new stock for an Iver Johnson 30 cal Enforcer Pistol?

you can find some parts like a new or used bolt assm. or parts matching the carbine from or but sorry no luck finding a new pistol stock. (if you do buy a bolt for it make sure you buy the right one there's two types, a flat, and a round and you must use the same type)

Where is the President McKinley Iver Johnson .32 Cal murder gun today?

The revolver is displayed at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society in Buffalo, New York.

When was a Newport model WN 16GA single barrel shotgun made and what is it worth?

Could have been made any time from the early 1900's up to about 1960. The guns were made by Crescent, Harrington & Richardson, and Iver Johnson for sale by Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. Value today is $35-$75, maybe $100+ if absolutely like new.

What is the price of a 32 revolver made in 1925 by Iver Johnson?

Corrected the spelling of Iver Johnson. IJ made good utility grade firearms. Prices are not high, but do vary by model, caliber, and condition. A market value could be anywhere from $10 for a poor condition sidearms to $250 for a new-in-box specimen- most go for about $50-$75. They made a LOT of these- it was the gun of the shopkeeper, the mechanic, or the homeowner- not the collector.

What is a 12 ga single shot Iver Johnson cycle works shot gun worth has hbff stamped on all parts looks like new given to me in 1960 used?

If it is really 100% like new, maybe $100.

Who makes new m72 rpk barrel?

You can buy an original Yugo M72 RPK barrel from or You can buy a brand new Yugo M72 RPK barrel made by Green Mountain from, but beware, the barrels are "in the white" and will need all off the pin cuts done, the gas port drilled, and the whole thing will need to be pararized or blued.

Have a 32 cal revover double action 2 inch barrel swing gate small plastic grips serial b31653 made in Fitchburg MA- can anyone tell you the model and date made?

I believe the only Iver Johnson made with a 2 inch barrel and is not a break but a swing out is actually called the "swing out" made is several calibers 22, 32, and 38 and 2,3,4 inch barrels they were made from 1977-1984. In NEW condition they are a $100 gun.

How much did Woody Johnson buy the New York Jets for in 2000 and did he finance any of the purchase or did he buy it all cash?

$635 million.

When was the Iver Johnson target 55 .22 made?

I purchased a new one of these 44 years ago in June of 1963. Various types of model 55 were produced from the 1950's to the 1970's.

What is the value of a Iver Johnson M1 30cal carbine 50th Anniversary Model?

Gunbroker on the net just sold one new condition for 785 plus shipping charges. Sure have gone up from what I payed for mine.

What is the music on the new BBC drama trailer for the street?

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