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Go to a dealership. Lexus can cut them on sight. Others can order them in a few days. but they are VIN# specific on factory locks. Dealership is easiest and quickest. Vice Grips will only cause scratched rims and broken fingers.

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Q: Where can you buy the anti theft key to take the flat tire off your car?
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What are the steps for changing a tire?

1: Locate anti-theft lug extension. 2: Take off anti theft lug. 3: remove other lugs. 4: Remove wheel. 5: Place new wheel on. 6: Put lugs back into place.

Why does A flat tire take up less space than an inflated tire?

it is actually smaller

What are my options for anti-theft car monitors?

There are some really sophisticated car anti-theft options now, many using GPS technology. GSM monitors use microchips and alert owners of a possible theft. You can get fingerprint alarms and anti-hijack kill switches.There are even tire pressure monitors that detect thieves.

Will a tire with a flat spot recover?

No, once it has a flat spot it will always have a flat spot. Replace the tire.

What is the analogy for jack flat tire hammer?

jack flat tire hammer

How do you permanently disable anti-theft detection system in 2001 Chevy Camaro?

disconnect it. its usually installed in the spare tire compartment

What weighs more a flat or full tire?

A full tire is heavier than a flat tire. When a they are both flat they weigh the same but added air makes the full tire heavier.

How do you do a tire repair on a flat tire?

To repair a flat tire you first need to remove the tire from the rim. Once removed inspect the tire for the damager and repair the puncture.

What can happen with a flat tire?

A flat tire can lead to reduced tread wear and sometimes blowouts.

How do you disable an anti-theft system in a 1998 dodge viper?

to disable the anti-theft system you hit the window with a tire tool then un bolt the battery then bolt it back it will be disabled P.S. Don't seal cars...... more so ones that are more than your house!!

How do you remove the spare tire on a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica?

Hi, The spare tire is underneath the rear of your Pacifica. However, to lower it, you will have to open the back hatch and open the floor compartment. In the middle of the compartment you will see a place where you have to fit the lug wrench onto. Then after it is fitted on, you will have to keep spinning the lug wrench to the left until the spare tire is lowered onto the ground. Then you will have to release the cable that lowered the spare tire down from the vehicle. Next, take the flat tire off and install the spare tire. Then take your flat tire to the nearest decent tire store or car garage and have them either fix the flat, or replace the tire if it is ruined. Then after you get the tire back, take the spare off and put the good tire back on again. Happy Traveling!

What is flat mean in spanish?

If you mean flat as in flat tire... that would be desinflada while the whole word for flat tire is la llanta desinflada. If you mean 'apartment' - piso

Can you drive on a flat tire?


Why did karnam get a flat tire?


A man drove all the way from Montreal to Vancouver without knowing he had a flat tire?

The spare tire was flat.

What does the slang phrase flat tire mean?

a) When someone steps on the back of another person's shoe so that their heel pops out, they have given that person a "flat tire." Or b) A saggy butt is a "flat tire."

How do you remove low tire on Lexus ls430 2004?

First, locate the car jack in the trunk and then proceed to jack the car up. Then, take the tire off with the supplied wrench and then attach the spare tire on. Aftr you get all of that squared away, take the flat tire to the dealer and get a new tire put on

How do you change a flat tire on a Taurus?

To change a flat tire you need a jack, tire iron and a new tire. Jack the car up and remove the bolts, you can then slide the old tire off and replace it with the new one.

Why does a flat tire spin faster?

A flat tire spins faster for a couple of reasons. This could happen because there is no force holding it back. A soft or flat tire has a smaller circumference which forces the tire to spin faster to keep up the same speed.

How do you turn off Flat Tire Monitor light on 2008 BMW 328i?

I will take it to the dealership or call them.

What is the symbol for a flat tire on the dashboard?

Low tire pressure or tire pressure system malfunction

What does tire mean on tough turkey teasers?

it means flat tire.

What are the different types of tire repair that could restore a tire?

Honestly Just Buy a New Tire, Fixing A Damaged Tire Can Lead to failure And Cause A Car Crash! To restore a flat tire, you could temporarily use Tire Flat to inflate air to get to a gas station. Then, if the flat is just because the tire is worn out it will need to be replaced. If it is due to a nail in the tire, the nail will be removed and the tire patched with vulcanized rubber.

How far can you run on a flat tire?

Maybe a mile or 2 to get you to a place you can get a spare. Driving on a flat tire can cause damage to the wheel and possibly the drum and brakes. If you must drive on a flat tire, drive very slow and stop if the tire comes off the rim.

We had a flat tire Amos was sun burned and we got losted what is the correct way to write this sentence?

We had a flat tire Amoth waes sunburned &we got lost