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Sometimes the local fire department will fill pools. Most fire departments have those big tanker trucks filled with water, A donation always helps.

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Q: Where can you buy water to fill up your pool?
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How long does it take to fill a pool?

it takes approximately 5 hours to fill up a 12ft pool with water

How many gallons of water to fill a pool 16x36 14ft deep?

This pool can hold up to about 60,322 gallons of water.(This would fill the pool to the very top)

Can you fill a pool with hard well water?

Yes you can fill a pool with hard well water. I have an above the ground pool and I have hard water. After you add shock and the rest of your chemicals, the water will turn brown. To get this out you will have to buy a chemical called metal out. It works great. You could probably add the metal out first. On start up of the pool you will have to use a few filters to get all the metal out of your pool water.

What should you do after you have drained the water and the pool is clean?

Fill it back up?

What is the fastest way to fill up a pool with the hose out or in the water?

it does not matter

Can a saltwater pool be converted to a freshwater pool?

yes change the filter to fresh water and drain the pool fill it back up with hose water

How many gallons of water are needed for a 11ftx6ftx3ft pool?

To fill this pool to the very top you'll need about 1,480 gallons of water - less if you do not fill it all the way up.

Can you fill up a pool by kiloliter?

YES if you keep water running lol

How much water in a 16x32x4 pool?

depends how much you fill it up

How many gallons of water in 15ftx30ft 54in deep pool?

This pool can hold up to about 15,148 gallons of water. (this would fill the pool to the very top).

How much water does it take to fill up a swimming pool?

Swimming pool sizes differentiate. It all depends on the size of the pool.

Why won't my pool water clear up?

You may have a high metal content in the water you are using to fill the pool. Check the metal content of the water.

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