Where can you buy white spelt bread in Jerusalem?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Where can you buy white spelt bread in Jerusalem?
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What are the kind of breads you can buy?

White Bread , wholemeal bread , brown bread , pita bread , rye bread & fruit bread (:

How many calories in 2 slices of white bread?

2 slices of white bread are roughly 120-150 calories, depending on the brand you buy.

Why does white bread mold faster than wheat bread?

White bread doesn't necessarily mold faster than whole wheat bread. (White bread is usually made from wheat.) It depends upon the formulations, the quality of the ingredients, the processing conditions, storage conditions and the handling by all parties involved.Check the wheat bread ingredients. If it contains honey, the honey could be acting as an antimicrobial.In my experiences, yes it has. That is why I always buy wheat bread. And if I do buy white bread I refrigerate it.

What is the price of bread now?

Prices depend on where exactly you buy the bread, when exactly you buy the bread, how much bread you buy and what brand you buy.

Where can you buy bread improver?

where can I buy bread improver

How long does it take for bread to grow mold in a hot place?

good question, it all depends on what kind or bread you buy. if you buy an all natral bread that has no presevatives it wont take but around 24 hours, but if its a regular white bread it could take weeks. But please dont buy a bread just to whach it mold there are starving children out there.

Where do you buy bread?

From a bread shop......

Where can you buy Hillbilly Bread?

I buy Hillbilly Bread at Walmart.

Where do you buy your bread from?

A SHOP! preferably a bread shop

What is the most expensive loaf of bread you can buy?


Where can you buy balloons in Jerusalem?

Is wholemeal better than white bread?

Yes, it is. white flour used to make white bread is bleached and processed (some countries use nasty chemicals to do this). The Brown flour is much less refined, and a more 'natural' product. White bread may also contain more sugars and additives. This is, of course, subject to which brand of bread you buy! Read the label, the less confusing chemical names in the list and the higher up the list the flour and water is, the better.