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Bleach exile is a good site and so is mangafox

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โˆ™ 2008-02-12 18:27:31
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Q: Where can you find Rave Master that you can read Online and NOT buy?
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Where can be read the rave master manga?

Most online scanlation sites should have all 35 volumes comepletely scanned on the site for you to read. Libraries might also have a manga section so you can check that out.

Where can you read all the volumes of rave master online?

you cant read them all yet because there not all out yet, but you can read alot by going to there you can read up to 184 (date:5/21/08)

Where can you read Rave Master manga Chapter 136 page 20 in English?

Not sure if they have chapter 136 page 20 in English

When will season 2 of rave master coming out?

there will be no season 2 because lack of watchers soo hate to say this but if wana know what happens read manga...

Is there a website for Rave Master where you can read it and NOT buy it?

yes! heres the link!: absolutely free! http// has not only rave master but alot more anime like naruto bleach and too many more to list. some of the manga is not available in USA yet and is it translated and edited. Also totally free. I hate to say this but is not available no more and is shutted down...

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