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The Iver Johnson Trail Blazer .22 LR. Cal. semi-automatic rifle was imported from Canada from 1983 to 1989. They were made for Iver Johnson by the gun manufacturer Lakefield, Lakefield was later bought out by Savage Arms Company. Try a cross reference with Lakefield's models for a possible find for the magazine. You could go to and check their rifle forum for a possible answer or post your own question to Bill Goforth on that forum, Mr. Goforth knows all things Iver Johnson and H&R.

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Q: Where can you find a clip for an Iver Johnson 22lr Trailblazer?
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Do you have a clip for an Iver Johnson pistol 22?

You can get the clip for an Iver Johnson pistol 22 on various online stores like eBay and Amazon.

What is the age of a 357 Iver Johnson that is made to clip onto a stock?

Mid 1970s through 1984.

What is the value of a Browning Pistol 22LR Clip Excellent condition?

2-20 usd

Is there a 30-round clip for Stevens model 62 22lr?

Stevens model 62 savage arms 22 caliber/30 round clip

What is the value of a 30 caliber Iver Johnson carbine?

The guide I use, published in '07 I believe, shows 3 carbines listed. Model M-1, $180 in good to $440 in top condition. PM-30, $181 good to $367 top condition, and SC30FS, $197 good to $439 top. what about a 30 cal Iver Johnson blk carbon fibre look like with a fold down stock? lookin a for a clip for it!

Where can you find a clip for a Stevens model 62 22LR rifle?


You have American arms inc nkc mo pk 22lr made in US you would like any info you can get about this gun?

need a clip for my gun

What is the value of a 22lr erma werke model 62 bolt action rifle it has a 5 round clip and is in excellent condition?

50-100 USD

Need rifle clip for a Mossburg 22LR Model 44 US b?

You can buy parts for the 44us series at Havlin Sales

Did Wards or Western Field ever sell pistols or revolvers and if so who made them and are there model numbers?

Wards, WesternField did sell at least one line of pistols, I have one, a WesternField Model 5. This is a nice simi auto, clip fed, made by Unique Fire Arms of France. This is all I know about this pistol but I sure would like to learn a lot more. Hope this helps a little. Wards also some some Iver Johnson .22 revolvers. The WesternField 75 is basically the Iver Johnson 'Sealed 8' revolver.

Does any one know where you can find a A-Bolt 22 Caliber - 22LR only clip for a Browning?

Try local gun shops, gun shows, want ads,

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Your rifle is a Marlin Model 70. Most gun shops can get a magazine for you- the same magazine is used for several Marlin 22s. You can also order one for $18.60 plus shipping from the website for gunpartscorp. It is Product No. 438340A.

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