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Hello,Just to let you know an 01 stratus r/t does-not have a serpentine belt; it has a drive belt and 2 others belts as well. I also have an 01 stratus r/t and when I went to replace i had found this out, basically if you have air,which most strat's do I believe its 2 to 3 belts you will need to change. also little heads up about this car, since you have r/t I'm assuming you have 3.0li engine, so if you plan to change timing belt, be sure to also change your water-pump at same time as it is driven off the timing belt, also one last thing, OUR cars are known to break the motor mount that is located right above belts I would highly recommend changing that as well, you will feel much more stable shifts smother idling

.... Good luck

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Q: Where can you find a diagram for a 2001 Dodge Stratus RT serpentine belt?
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