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Your local library should have a basic auto manual for older Ford V8s. They are basically the same. Look up "firing order" and there is your answer.Firing order should be counterclockwise 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 1930fcoupe The firing order for all ford V8's through 1978, except 351, 351W, and 400, is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. The Distributor rotates counterclockwise and No 1 cylinder is the first one on the left side as you stand in front of the truck & face the crankshaft pulley. Left bank is 1-4 and right bank is 5-8. Remove the # 1 plug and rotate the engine until #1 plug is at TDC on the compression stroke. Now remove the distributor cap. The rotor will be pointing to the # 1 plug. Hook #1 wire there and then remembering that it rotates counterclockwise continue hooking up the rest.

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Q: Where can you find a diagram to correct the wires from the distributor to the plugs in a 77 Ford F100 302?
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Where can you find a diagram to correct the wires from the distributor to the plugs in 95 ford e250?

where can you find a diagram to correct the wires from the distributor to the spark plugs on 95 ford e250?

Do you have a diagram on placing the correct wires to and from the distributor and spark plugs for a Ford Ranger XLT?

The distributors have the wire numbers stamped on top. When I changed mine, I happened to clean the crud off, and there they were.

What does a care tune up include?

On a car with a distributor: cap, rotor, plugs and wires On a car with coil packs: plugs and wires

On a Honda Prelude what would cause your engine not to fire?

coil, distributor, distributor cap, plugs, or wires.

Where can you get a diagram for which spark plug wires go to which plugs on a distributor cap for a 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight with a 455 engine?

Diagram for v8 5.7 distributor cap wires for 1992 Chevy truck?

The diagram, for the 1992 5.7 liter distributor And wires, can be obtained from most Chevrolet dealerships. The diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

Why is Chev 305 backfiring on acceleration?

Check/replace the spark plugs and wires. If you're not going to replace the plugs make sure the gap is correct (should be either .040 or .060) and make sure the plugs are clean of oil or gas. If it still backfires after you replace the plugs/wires check the distributor and the timing.

Where is the ignition distributor located on a 1998 suburban?

It is in the very back of the engine. Just follow the spark plug wires from the spark plugs and they will go to the top of the Distributor. That will be the distributor cap that the wires are in.

Why would your 96 Chrysler sebring convertible stumble after you have changed the plugs and wires and cap?

you have 2of the plug wires on the wrong plugs or distributor cap

How do you change the distributor cap on a 1994 Pontiac sunbird 2.0?

it does not have a distributor cap, it has a coil pack, all you can change is the plugs and wires, just fallow the wires from the plugs back to where they end and theres your coil pack, butch

Can gas tank pressure cause engine miss?

No it is probably ur spark plugs or spark plug wires, that electric distributor or coil No it is probably ur spark plugs or spark plug wires, that electric distributor or coil

Why does your 1995 Chevy Camaro stall when it gets wet or it rains it has new plugs wires and distributor?

faulty ignition components. you need a tune up. plugs, cap and rotor,and wires but it is usually caused by a bad distributor cap.

Wifes car running rough Found a wire missing from distributor do not know what goes there Help is there a diagram of the wires?

Look at the spark plugs-- if one has no wire at the top, that is the problem- there should be a wire from each spark plug to the distributor cap.

What is the correct placment of distributor wires from the spark plugs to the distributor cap on a 1994 Pontiac firebird 3.4?

there is no distributor on a 1994 firebird v6. It is a DIS and uses coil packs. there will be 3 coil packs and it should be listed on them which cylinder iteach coil goes to.

Where are the spark plugs located on a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

Follow the plug wires from the distributor.

Where is the distributor cap on a 1994 Chevy Blazer?

whats the motor.....but regardless if you follow the plug wires they lead to the distributor cap. v6 has 6 plug to each plug and all of the on the distributor cap.......v8 has 8 plugs with their wires leading from each plug to the distributor cap

Why on a 96 Taurus gl when driving at any speed the engine acts like its cutting out you have replaced plugsplug wires fuel filter?

Make sure your plug wires are connected tightly to the correct spot on the distributor and the plugs.

How do you take the distributor off of a 1991 blazer 350 5.7liter?

you remove the wires that are going to the distributor and look where the distributor meets the intake there is a little plate the rests against the distributor and it has a bolt in it remove that and pull distributor up and out and u have to remove wires that go to the plugs as well

What is the correct placement of distributor wires from the spark plug to the distributor cap on a 1992 Acura Vigor?


Where are the spark plugs in 2005 Dodge stratus?

Follow the plug wires to the end. One end connects to the "distributor" along with the other wires. The other end connects to the spark plugs...

Why Spark plugs are not firing on 92 Camry?

Check the spark plug wires and the distributor cap.

Where do the 3 wires from your distributor go?

One goes to the ignition, the other two to the spark plugs.

Where is the distributor located on a 1991 Chevy S10 Blazer?

4.3? Follow the spark plug wires from the spark plugs, they will lead you right to the distributor.

Where is distributor cap on 2001 Mazda millenia?

Follow the wires from the spark plugs and they will go to the distributor unless the engine does not have one and has a coil pack.

What causes a rotor button to burn up frequently?

To much resistance in the spark plug wires. Start fresh with a new distributor cap, rotor and spark plug wires. Also be sure you have the correct spark plugs installed.