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Where can you find a fuse guide for the 1988 240 Volvo?


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2005-05-06 17:29:24
2005-05-06 17:29:24

at a junkyard


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The fuse layout/guide is on the back of the ashtray. I'm assuming it is lost since you are posting the question. Mine says it is fuse 9, which is a 15A one.

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To fix the ac system on the 1988 240 Volvo, check the freon level first. Check the fuse, the relay, then the compressor clutch to find the defective part.

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Were can you find a fuse diagram for a 1988 ford F350

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Is it not on the inside of the fuse-box cover?

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pull out the ash tray and the plastic frame behind it.

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