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If you are like me and your Passat has no cover for the fuse box, then you have to take some extra steps. First check below the drivers dash for the fuse box and see if the cover is there. It has this list right on it. My 90 Passat didn't have a cover so I had to purchase an owners manual (eBay) which had a partial list (no relays). So, then I purchased a repair manual (again eBay) and it had the completed fuse list/diagram (including relays). I also called a local dealership (parts dept) to confirm that my relay fuses were correct. They just need the location number and part number of each relay. This way I knew that if one space was open it was supposed to be. This worked for me, and the eBay purchases were very inexpensive. Hope that gets you going.

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Q: Where can you find a fusebox layout diagram for 1991 vw passat 16 valve?
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