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Where can you find a list of international companies in Guangzhou?


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2007-12-27 10:12:49
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Since I have been working in China, Guangzhou for the past 3 years, I hope to offer you some solutions. Actually it's very difficult or nearly impossible to find the list. You might try to use Google or some search engines to do so, but I doubt it will turn up any good results. What I can suggest you to do is to have a list of international companies that you want to look at, and go into their website to see if they have any branches in Guangzhou. Or you can try to search Google or other search engines by typing the company, and it's location. For example if you want to find an international company like McD. Type in the search engine "McD in China, Guangzhou". This might turn out some results. But you might have results in Chinese, please be aware of this.


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