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Try any hobby store for supplies and look around online to find anything else that you may not always find at your local store. It's odd you should bring this up as I had the same problem. I found a picture of the tree I was looking for (Japanese tree that I wanted to paint on my bedroom feature wall) and I found a good picture off the internet, then I rented a projector. The projector picks up the imagine of the picture of the tree and you can adjust the largeness of it. It works very well. You could also find a picture of the tree that you want and with a pencil, divide it into 2 or 3 inch squares and then mark the wall into squares(as many squares as are on picture), then paint each square as you see it. Bill's Painting Lanc. P.A.

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Q: Where can you find a pattern or instructions for painting a large tree on an interior wall?
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