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Try here:

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Q: Where can you find a replacement seat for a Universal Rundle toilet?
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Where can you find a Universal Rundle faucet that was manufactured around 1960?

In the Garbage! Why would anyone want to locate a 46 year old faucet from a defunct manufacturer? Replace it!

Where can you find a replacement toilet seat for a rectangular shaped American Standard toilet?

I'm not familiar with this toilet, but you might try There is one for an Elger that might work.

Where can you find Milwaukee Universal rundle faucet parts model number 86009?

I have bought many UR parts at they have more than is on line cause i emailed them about my part and they had it.

Where can you find a replacement canopy for a Sahara Y98047 gazebo?

Universal Concepts, Kilcoole, Wicklow

Where can you find a universal hood cable?

Most auto parts store sell a replacement cable.

Where can I find a replacement Square toilet seat 10 inch bolt American Standard Peach colored.?

I found a white square toilet seat with a 10" bolt at

Where can you find a replacement toilet paper roll rod which is longer than standard?

Maybe Rite-Aid or walmart... a place like that

What should you buy to replace your toilet which is plumbed from the wall?

If you do not want to change the drain pipes, you will need to install a toilet that matches the existing rough-in. If you can find a brand name and model name or number you can order an exact replacement or cross-reference to find a fit.

Where do you find a replacement for a white tilche 4064 toilet seat?

Update 2/2010 tilche seat are available call 914-963-5110

Where can you find a toilet seat replacement for a 1980s Am Stan toilet inscription Sears PL 49712 in cobalt blue?

Found thess sites, which might be helpful; good luck!

Where can I find toilet parts?

You can find toilet parts online from Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of toilet parts from various manufacturers that can be used to replace any broken toilet parts.

Where can you find a replacement toilet seat for a square shaped American Standard product code TL 235 Tilche almond color toilet?

Update as of 2/2010 more tilche tl-235 seats are available call 914-963-5110

Where can I find replacement skid steers online?

You can find replacement skid steers at online. Also you can look into to find replacement skid steers.

How do you change the Chrysler antenna?

That will likely vary depending on the model and year of manufacture. Also you can find "Universal Replacement Auto Antenna" online or at any discount parts store.

How do you find the numger for kohler toilet tank?

Inside the tank, usually on the back wall, there will be a number impressed into the porcelain. This is the tank number for a two piece toilet, or a model number for a one piece toilet. It's usually a four digit number, sometimes preceded with a K- (example: K-1234). Sometimes this info is repeated on the underside of the lid. Usually the lid also has a five digit number, which is the lid number. All of these numbers can help you find the replacement parts to repair your toilet.

Where can you find parts to fix a Sears toilet bought in 1963?

Get a new toilet

When did you find poop?

in the toilet

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One could find instructions on how to unclog a toilet by going to the Art of Manliness website. The website has instruction on how a person can unclog a toilet.

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Anywhere secluded or where no one ever goes or just run around and find a toilet

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One can find replacement Broadcom drivers when one goes to the website of Ubuntu. On this website, one can find a full list of replacement Broadcom drivers.

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in my toilet!

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You can find repair guides for repairing a toilet on the following site: Thay have great tips!

Where to find replacement sun visor for a Lincoln town car signature?