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1-start bu fishing the belt around the fan. These instructions go clockwise. 2-drape the belt OVER your ALTERNATOR(top p-side) 3-then UNDER the TENSIONER (top center) 3-then OVER the A/C PUMP (top d-side) 4-then straight down to RIGHT side of Power Steering pump (bottom d-side) 5-then up OVER top of WATER PUMP (middle center) 6-then down and to the RIGHT of MAIN/H.B. PULLEY (bottom center) 7-then around the BOTTOM left side of the AIR PUMP This will bring you back to the alternator. There won't be enough slack to complete the circut so flip the belt off the alternator and use that slack on the air pump put a socket on the tensioner pulley and turn it counter clockwise this should give you enough slack to flip it back over the alternator. MAKE SURE THE BELT IS SEATED PROPERLY INTO THE PULLEYS OR IT WILL EITHER CUT THE BELT OR FLIP OFF AND GET MAULED. Good Luck. Y'huck Y'huck

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โˆ™ 2006-05-21 14:34:38
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Q: Where can you find a serpentine belt diagram for a 87 Ford F-150?
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