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Where can you find a service manual for a 1970 Lincoln Mark 111?


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2004-09-08 18:08:07
2004-09-08 18:08:07

There are several suppliers who offer manuals and other parts, etc. for Lincolns - through the Lincoln & Continental Owners' Club (LCOC). Go to,, or the club website - which has a GREAT tech forum! . Good luck.


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10 * BTDC according to my Chilton's Auto Repair manual for the 460 cubic inch V8 engine in a 1970 Lincoln Mark III

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If you don't have a service manual then a Lincoln or Ford dealer parts department.

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Someone with a service manual should chime in, it will be in there.

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where do I get a service manual for the mark vii ? we have tried: and eBay and Mark vii car club we have tried auto parts stores and the library. Now where do I go ?

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If you don't have the service manual, e-mail a Lincoln dealer, parts department and they will e-mail you the diagram you need, one under the hood and the other on the drivers' side.

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