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My best guess would be on Ebay. I have found many parts for my 1991 190E 2.6L and for my 1983 240D 2.4L. If that doesn't help, try to Google "1961 190D ignition switch" That might help also. I hope this helped!

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βˆ™ 2005-11-29 04:53:19
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Q: Where can you find an Ignition switch for a 1961 190D Mercedes Ponton?
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Did the 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190D come with an airbag?

i have an 1987 190E which comes with an airbag

Where is the Fuel shut off relay on a 1986 Mercedes 190D?

The fuel shut off relay or pump relay on the 1986 Mercedes 190D is located behind the battery on the vehicle's firewall. The relay also contains a fuse that can be damaged as well as the relay.Ê

Mercedes a class 190 how many miles to the gallon?

190e- 25miles per gallon 190d- 35 miles per gallon

What is the correct oil for final drive of Mercedes 190D 2.5 auto 1993?

SAE 90 .7 or 1.1 litre depending on the rear.

89 190e with a stuck ignition cylinder I have read many forums and talked to lock smiths and can't get the answer I am looking for The lock will not turn with lube vibration or tapping?

You don't. Mercedes is about the only place that can get it. It takes a couple hours and special tools. I know. I've had it happen to me on my 190D

How much motor oil in Mercedes Benz 190D?

You can read it from owner manual, bearing in mind it should be 5 litre with oil filter change.

Will a Power steering pump for a 190E work in a 190D?

no different threads the 190d is unique

Is a 190d a diesel?

Yes it is

Where is the vacuum pump in Mercedes 190D located?

I'm not positive about your diesel but my gas model is under the back seat on the right side in a foam box presumably for noise damping.

What is the towing capacity of a Mercedes 190D?

2litre diesel 605 kg unbraked trailer 1200 kg braked trailer 2.5 litre diesel 625 kg unbraked 1200 kg braked

How do you replace the thermostat on a Mercedes 190D?

Thermostat is inside a metal cylinder on the left side of the engine. Just undo the top. Removing it is difficult as it is a tight squeeze out. Installation takes less than 30 minutes.

1986 190D Mercedes shut off problem?

Owners manual Page 68: If the engine continues to run after the ignition key is turned off, open the hood and push down on the lever marked ¨Stop¨until the engine stops running. Using a pen or a screwdriver or a pen should make it easier to push the stop lever down. This makes the engine choke.

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