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make a book. If you can't do that check evey book store in town. You most likely won't fined one though.

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When was World War Veterans created?

World War Veterans was created in 1919.

Where was world history patterns of interaction published?

P.O. Box 1667 Evanston, IL 60204

In what city was the Text book World History Ancient Civilizations published?

No one knows no one cares

How many World War 1 veterans are still alive?

There are actually no more World War 1 veterans left in the world.

How did the recption of Vietnam veterans by the American public differ from the reception that World War 2 veterans received?

Vietnam veterans did not receive a warm welcome, whereas victory parades were held for veterans from the world wars.

What book of natural history changed humankind's view of the world?

the origin of species by Charles Darwin published in 1859.

What benefits did veterans gain after world war 2?

After World War II, American veterans received the G.I. Bill, which helps pay for higher education expenses. In addition, female veterans were first recognized as veterans and eligible for VA benefits after World War II.

How many World War I veterans are alive?

According to there are 76 veterans from World War 1 who are still alive.

How can you put the word veterans into a sentence?

The veterans from the second world war marched in a parade. We are 25 year veterans of the police force.

What did the World War I you veterans want from Washington?

WWI veterans wanted a promised bonus .

What holiday was remembering veterans war of world war 1?

Veterans day you jacka**

When was war of the world published?

world war-2 published in 01sept1939.

How were World War 1 veterans treated when they returned home?

When the world war veterans came home they were treated Ike herooes

Were did Americans get the idea of Veterans Day?

Americans have long believed that a debt of gratitude is owed to veterans. Armistice Day was begun to honor veterans from World War I. It 1956, it became Veterans Day to honor all veterans.

How many World War 1 veterans are alive worldwide?

15 ww1 veterans are alive.

Can surviving children of World War 2 veterans collect benefits?

Check with Veterans Administration

How many World War 1 Veterans are from Alabama?

As of 2011 there were 401,000 veterans in the state of Alabama. There are currently only 11 living veterans from WW1.

Who is author of most published book in world?

The Bible is the most published book in the world.

How many American Veterans died in World War 2?

No veterans died. A veteran, by definition, is a survivor.

What has the author Donald W Whisenhunt written?

Donald W. Whisenhunt has written: 'Elias Boudinot' -- subject(s): Statesmen 'Veterans of Future Wars' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, Peace movements, Government policy, Veterans of Future Wars (U.S.), College students, Influence, Pacifism, Student movements, Social conditions, Veterans, Political activity, History 'New Mexico courthouses' -- subject(s): Courthouses, History, Local, Local History 'Ernie Pyle' -- subject(s): Biography, War correspondents, World War, 1939-1945, Journalists 'The Development of Higher Education in Texas' 'A Student's Introduction to History'

How many veterans died during World War 1?

The veterans of World War I are the *survivors* of the war, not the fatalities. There is no record of how many veterans of other wars (Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War) died when they returned to service in World War I.

Who published the world book?

Perhaps Field Enterprises Educational Corporation.World Books are published by a company called World Books!World Book, Inc. publishes the World Book Encyclopedia.Published by Jim Hickson

The original holiday Veterans Day honored veterans from what war?

World War 1 but now honors all war veterans happy veteran's day Macy911

How did the homefront perceive World War 2 and Vietnam?

WWII veterans were heros; Vietnam veterans were treated with contempt.

How can you find a list of names of veterans that served in World War 1?

Contact Veterans Affairs or the American Legion.

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