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Q: Where can you find colonial farm tools?
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What was life like on a colonial farm?

Life on a colonial farm was difficult. They did not have the technology and tools that farmers have today. It was a lot of work. Men, women, and even the children had to help out on the farms.

What are examples of some of the farm tools used in the Southern Colonies of colonial America?

The Southern Colonies in colonial America depended greatly on the crops they grew. These crops required special care with the use of a variety of handheld farming tools. These tools included axes, hoes, sickles, and bellows.

What is the meaning of farm tools?

simple farm tools refer to simple tools used to do work easier and faster on the farm.

Where did colonial milliners get tools?

Colonial milliner's used the tools from a blacksmith.

When was Claude Moore Colonial Farm created?

Claude Moore Colonial Farm was created in 1973.

What are the different farm tools and equipment?

what are the diffirent farm tools and equipment

What are simple farm tools?

simple farm tools are those affordable tools used for farming activities.

What tools did a colonial doctors use?

they were tools

What did colonial children use for tools?

Colonial children children used wooden tools like: forks,spoons,and every everyday tools and they were all wooden.

How do you find egg supplier in Pokefarm?

Go to your Farm page and scroll down to the bottom,its in the Tools section.

Where did colonial basket makers get their tools?

They got their tools from up their but!

List five animal farm tools?

Below are five lists of animal farm tools: Hammer, tractor, Pitchfork, Manure spreader and Fencing tools

What is a mummy shaped amulet that holds farm tools called?

I think you mean ushabtis or shabtis. They don't always hold farm tools.

What tools did a colonial pewterer use?

what tools do olonial pewters use

Where do colonial basket makers get their tools?

they got their tools from neighborhood blacksmiths

What tools and supplies did colonial school masters use?

The main tools that schoolmasters used from the colonial times were, pencils,chalk, and a big stick

What is the web address of the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in Mclean Virginia?

The web address of the Claude Moore Colonial Farm is:

What are the 10 basic tools of a scientist?

1o farm tools

How would I find fleet tires for farm equipment?

Farm and Fleet of course is a good website that has fleet tires and other farm tools. They seem to have just about everything so check it out.

What are the differences between farm tools and farm equipment?

Farm tools are hand tools like a hoe, pitch fork, shovel, rake, etc. Farm equipment are machines that are pulled behind and operated from the tractor, such as the plow, baler, hay mower, disc, harrows, etc.

What are the groups in which farm tools can be classified?


Where do Colonial Carpenters get there tools?

From Spain

What did a colonial doctor use?

they were tools

What are colonial farm animals?

There were many types of colonial farm animals in the U.S. Animals during this period include the horse, cow, goat, hogs, chickens, and sheep.

Where is the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in Mclean Virginia located?

The address of the Claude Moore Colonial Farm is: 6310 Georgetown Pike, Mclean, VA 22101-2208