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Where can you find good information about a donkey?

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There are three categories of donkeys.

  1. Miniatures are 36 and under,
  2. Standards are 36 to 54
  3. Mammoths are over 54 all measured to the shoulder

George Washington was the first owner of Mammoth Donkeys in the United States. The King of Spain gave him a Royal Gift, and General Lafayette of France gave him Mammoth. Both were used to create draft mules for farm work. George Washington also owned the first donkeys born in the United States.

The Spanish explorers during the 1600 brought many standard donkeys to the Americas as pack animals. They were also used to build the Missions of California.

Donkeys originated in the African Deserts and are a descendant of the African Wild Ass. The African Wild Ass is one of the most endangered animals in the world.

A burro is the name given to donkeys living in the wild.

A jack is a male donkey, a Jennet is a female donkey

A mule is the offspring of a jack donkey and a female horse. A hinny is the combination of a male horse and a female donkey.

Donkeys can tolerate a water loss as much as 30% of their body weight, and replenish it in only 15 minutes of drinking

Jennies are pregnant for one full year and normally only have one foal. Twins are extremely rare.

Thousands of wild burros thrive in the deserts of our American South West as a result of our Western Migration. These animals are rounded up and placed for adoption as they are seen as a threat to the habitat of the big horn sheep.

The Wild Burro Rescue has taken hundreds of wild burros from Death Valley to prevent them from being shot by park rangers.

Donkeys are more affectionate than horses and enjoy the companionship of people. The prospectors of old did not lead their donkeys. The donkeys simply followed behind or even led the way.

American donkeys can live to 40 years of age. Donkeys in third world countries seldom live over 10 years.

Donkeys are used throughout the world has guard animals for Goats and Sheep against the threat of coyote attack. They are also used to protect the cows while calving. The coyote is the only natural threat to donkeys and therefore they do not like any canine.

A donkey can easily carry 30% of their body weight in live load and 20% in dead weight.

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