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Where can you find information about a 22 caliber Wards Western Field bolt action Model 14 M?

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try a web site to Pennsylvania gun parts i don't remember the e-mail address but this is great for old wards and sears 22 rifle products i have even received parts from them dating back to a 1932 model but would have to dig up the paperwork to be accurate.

-- Made by Mossberg --

One of the many different models Mossberg made for Montgomery Wards.

2011-09-14 11:30:56
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What is the value of a 22 caliber Western Field Model 36 bolt action?

Prewar Mossberg. $100.

What is the age and value of a 22 caliber Wards Western Field Model 93m 496a bolt action?

Made by Mossberg, $150-$250.

Who made the Western Field M812 22 caliber?

It was made by mossberg

What is the age of western field model 30 12 gauge bolt action?

Cant find information on a kessler bolt action rifle from 1950

Where can you find information about a 30-30 Western Field Model 712 bolt action rifle?

Numrich gun parts

Who made Western field M149 20 gauge shotgun?

Where can I buy a magazine for a western field M149 bolt action

Who made the Ward Western Field no 46 22 caliber?

Mossberg model 42 - 1936

How old is a Western Field M830 22 caliber single shot rifle?

This model cross references over to a Mossberg Model 340K bolt action repeater, made from 1958-1960. Check this website for Mossberg information

Where to find information on a wards western fiels model 47c?

Your Western field model 47c was made for Montgomery Wards(Western field) by the Mossberg firearms company.The Mossberg model 45A is the same firearm that you own.Mossberg made the model 45A from 1937-1938.They were chambered in 22 short,long,and long rifle caliber.

Did western field make a bolt action 12ga shotgun?


What company built Western Field lever action rifles?

marlin,stevens,savage Answer 2 To the best of my knowledge Montgomery wards commissioned the rifles through other companies I own A model 895 22 caliber lever action And it is a commissioned Moseberg 402

Wards rifle model 14-sd206a?

what caliber is the ward's western field model 14-SD206a

When was wards western field no41 manufactured?

A Wards Western Field Model 41 is a 22-caliber rifle. It was actually manufactured by Mossberg, but intended for Wards. Manufacturing took place primarily from 1935 to 1939.

What is the approx value of wards western field 410 GA bolt action shotgun?

I just got a western field 410 shotgun and wondering the value of It

Where can you find information on a Western Field model m865 lever action 22 rifle?

Various other websites list this as a Western Field brand sold at Montgomery Wards but manufactured by Mossberg (hence the M in the model number). The Mossberg model number is 402

Who was the manufacturer of a Western Field model 732A bolt action rifle?


Where can you find information on a western field 243 bolt action?

This is the same as the Mossberg 800 and was made in the late 1960's into about 1980. Value ranges from $200-$300.

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Western Field Model 15k?

Pre WW2 bolt action shotgun made by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.

Where can you find a firing pin for a western field 22 caliber lever action rifle?

Probably one available from Numrich Arms (, but you should probably let your local gunsmith replace it, so you might as well order it from him.

When was the Western Field 22 caliber model M842B made and does it have any value?

Made in the 1960's by Mossberg. It is a good solid .22 bolt-action and in any decent shape will bring $100-$140.

What is the cross number for a Wards Western Field 48A 22 S-L?

Western Field 48A was made for Montgomery Wards by Mossberg. The model 48A is a Mossberg 45B .22 caliber Long Rifle

What is the value of a Wards Western Field No 43 22 Bolt Action rifle and when was it made?


Who was the manufacturer of the Western Field M160 20 gauge bolt action shotgun?

it is a Mossberg

When was the Western Field bolt action 410 shotgun model M150D made?


Is the mossberg model 45A the same as a western field bolt action 22 rifle model?

The mossberg model 45A is the same gun as the western field model 47.