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Higgin ShotgunYour shotgun was made by Stevens arms model 311 101.7 was the sears model no which identifies the maker and model 101 is the sears code for savage/stevens07 means 311 it was made between the middle 50s to as late as 1962 when sears stoped using the jc Higgins name.
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Q: Where can you find information about a JC Higgins 12 gauge double barrel side-by-side model 101.7 that also says Model 311 A?
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When did jc Higgins sell double barrel shotguns?

I can say that J.C.Higgins was the name used to signify Sears & Roebuck firearms from 1942-1962.I would assume that your double barrel shotgun was made during this time span.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 101.7 double barrel shotgun?


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When was the JC Higgins Model 1017 double barrel 16ga made and what is it worth?

Would have been made after WW2 through the 1960's. Value up to $250.

Where Can you find information on a Damascus double barrel shotgun serial number 109682?

Without knowing the maker or the markings on the barrel/breech, you can't find out anything. Even then, there may be little to no information.

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Yes, it's a good utility shotgun. Nothing fancy or expensive. It is a Stevens/Savage 311 with the Sears trade name.

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