Where can you find information about a Springfield Meteor 22 long short with only the number 14 on it that looks new but was once your grandfather's?

This is probably a Stevens No 14, also known as the Little Scout. It is a single shot rolling block action manufactured from 1906 to 1910. With the Springfield name, it would have been "priced down" for a boy's first rifle. My catalog lists it from $125 in Poor condition and $300 in Excellent, but if it is truly like new, it could bring more IF you can connect with a Stevens collector who wants it.

It would be incredibly helpful to know if your rifle has a rolling block action or a turn bolt action. It seems as though Springfield manufactured at least two types of .22 with the Meteor name on it and possibly more. My own Meteor has a turn bolt action and is essentially the same design as a Springfield model 15, although I haven't yet discovered an interchangable part.

The Meteor was a budget bolt action single shot rifle. In nice conditiion it might bring $75. I have one that my Dad used to hunt rabbits in Kansas in the 1930s.